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I’d like to see that encoded in the game. It allows an in-world resource cycle around espionage.

Spy-droids and throwaway agents/assets would cost something other than human time, and more importantly, they could leave trails to be investigated/explored. Figuring out who made the vat clone on the remote clone planet that infiltrated the base six months later would be awesome. Digging through a “character’s” backstory and figuring out that it doesn’t line up with actual events. That kind of thing.


I always wanted this type of espionage system in the Civilization games. Civ IV (I think) had espionage, but I never really used it, and it seemed poorly implemented.


Civ V’s espionage is pretty good. Civ VI’s is super fun.


Ooohhh yeah that would be really cool. It would be a tricky thing to figure out how to do, but I could see in a game like EVE it would be a really intriguing dimension to add.


Huh, I don’t remember espionage in Civ V. They must have added it in an expansion. Still haven’t tried Civ VI yet, but now I’m even more intrigued.


The design differences between all three versions of Metroid II.



Arduino art installation.





Out of Context X-Men



Yes, this is a narration of the surprisingly critically acclaimed comicbook Elmer Fudd vs. Batman. Yes, it’s narrated by comic legend Neal Adams. Check it out.





Merry Christmas, children!