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I played this to my SO, who now tries to sing this to me at every opportunity. Including when I am waking up. Made even better by the fact that she A) can’t say Mobby properly and B) reminds me that I will have no hair .



Senpai Club just did a teaser for their final episode. However gives me a reason to share this.


I scared my roommate because I couldn’t stop laughing at this stupid thing.




Here is some Monday/Tuesday fodder




My paralegal studies professor pulled me aside today and told me I need to go to law school. It s a scary but intriguing proposition.


I kinda assumed you were in law school… I guess you’re not? Where offers paralegal studies that’s not a law school?


Several Virginia community colleges do. I was under the impression that law schools were only concerned with training actual lawyers. Paralegals and legal assistants aren’t held to any legal professional standard. Lawyers can hire anyone they want to do their research or draft documents.


Ancient show ToTD that I remembered just now, the song should not be this infectious.


Late in the day, but this gave me a chuckle:

“Saudi Arabia’s under-secretary for curricula has been fired and exiled to Dagobah after an official Saudi social studies textbook included a photo of Jedi Master Yoda. In the photo, Yoda can be seen sitting next to Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal at the 1945 ceremony that created the United Nations. The textbook page began circulating on social media last week.”


The irony is that Obi Wan/Sir Alec Guinness played Prince/King Faisal in the movie.


This reminds me of when Sturmgrenadier was big into EVE years ago. They had a reputation for professional behavior, and being honorable. However, others saw them as arrogant and secretive, since you had to be over 18 to join and there was a $12 a year subscription.

SG was also in possession of a few space stations near some valuable territory.

A rival outfit had someone pose as a newer player and apply to SG. They were accepted, and given access to the station. At the time, all SG had access to all functions, because there were no levels of security beyond all-or-nothing.

After a few weeks, in the dead of night, this player shut down the station’s defence systems, let his outfit walk in, and take the station. They were vocal and smug about how clever they were. They said it was all meta and within the rules, and that espionage and deceit were just fine.

What they didn’t count on:

  1. SG-EVE may have had fewer than 100 players at the time, but SG plays multiple games and consists of several hundred people.
  2. SG is a very, very well oiled machine, and communication happens between game portals.
  3. The other players from other SG portals were severely pissed.
  4. One month trials.

Sturmgrenadier created a plan in which every player that didn’t already have an account would sign up for a free trial. Within a few weeks, following a leveling management plan, players on the trial accounts could obtain missile ships. Small, fast, hard hitting little fighter ships.

At the end of the month, days before the trials expired, an armada of these ships warped into the former Sturmgrenadier base and annihilated everything in the sector. Then rolled to the next station and did the same. Then another. Missiles and torpedoes everywhere.

The opposing outfit then had the gall to complain to the moderators of the game, saying that SG was cheating, exploiting the game and costing them thousands of dollars.

The mods ignored it, because, just as they had used meta to steal the station in the first place, SG was just doing the same thing. It was beautiful.


This is why I love EVE in concept though not in actual play. You are free to do whatever you want if the game rules allow it. Subterfuge, diplomacy, social engineering, clashes of industrial might are all fascinating to read about. It’s a shame that to get to that level of play you need to sink so much time into it, more than any other MMO I know of.


The only problem is that a lot of it is done with alt accounts. That’s boring as fuck. There are no consequences for the spy in-game.

It would be a lot more interesting if humans were (to a degree) limited to single accounts. Wanna spy? Succeed? You’re still playing the same James Bond after it was successful, with all the baggage that comes with that.


See I see it like sending a spy robot or android in a world where such things can blend in. The Empire didn’t send Darth Vader to go trapsing around on planets to look for the rebels they sent a disposable droid.