Things of Your Day


Sadly the audio quality is tiled bathroom but a podcast episode about college eSports.



Ambigram pareidolia.



I don’t think a Rube Goldberg machine has ever made me smile this much!



So I know Sara from this video, she is really cool.

Also has a pax panel about cosay this year.




A rare adaptation of Dracula is being released in English for the first time in nearly 90 years.

Official page.


Murphy’s Stout used to make some great adds.


This horse is having entirely too much fun with that squeaky chicken!



Pax is going on. I’m not there. But Ro is still in for the Omegathon so far.


What’s the word for the feeling that ‘you’re the only person to notice something, but actually the thing you’ve noticed has been well studied’?


There’s probably a more topical thread, but just want to say Re-Creators is like ten times better than you think it’s going to be from the first episode. Definitely one of those shows that didn’t hit its stride till the second season.


Catching up on my hero academia.On paper sounds horrible, in practice fuck this is done well.


I thought it was good at episode two or three, but got really bored by episode seven or so. Should I pick it back up?


A very old thing of the day, but even all these years later I still refer to doing anything on Labor Day as “doing a little bit of that Labor Daybor”. And then I’m usually greeted by blank uncomprehending stares.