Things of Your Day


Imagine the money is world series wins:


The announcer really makes this work.


We went to the corgi races a couple of weeks ago at Emerald Downs.


Apparently I must be out of touch with GUP because I don’t remember ANY of those fights.


They’re all from the movie.



Yep yep the movie that is awesome.


More reasons that Sonic boom has great writers.


Drag car explodes at the start line, but wait for the slow-mo at the end. Inches from being dead before he even realized it.


Who made this? This is better than 90% of the shit in cinemas!



An old but funny one.



Really? Christ it doesn’t seem that long ago.


I remember very clearly the night they started bombing Afghanistan. At the time I was fourteen. I remember at the time I had the weird combined feeling of righteous vengeance but also a weird feeling of foreboding. Even a kid something felt wrong about it.


This guy is in charge of making sure Willie Nelson’s guitar doesn’t fall apart.


Crazy live stream of the tornado from a guy in his car.


Roofs are coming off, stream still works though.



Seriously just watch it. Draw your own conclusions.


The starship troopers animated movies are not that bad. I mean, it probably never should have been called starship troopers, but it’s kinda alright as it’s own stand alone humans vs aliens shooter things.

I guess this conflicts with my disliking the Death Note movie if you could have viewed it as just a teen slasher flick. I still stand by these animated ones being better for what they’re going for.