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So a couple months ago I bought dawn of war 3, didn’t like it, and got it refunded.

They apparently just gave me a coupon to get it for 50% off.

I have to wonder if that’s like… a thing?

Also this coupon is tradeable?


Getting coupons is a thing, or because you don’t own the game? Getting it because you don’t own the game is kinda strange but whatever.


I’m wondering if I got the coupon as a “hey maybe you actually want this game for half off.”

If so that incentivises potentially buying and then refunding something if you want it at a lower price some time down the road, which seems pretty odd to me.


You might own other games by the same studio. I get random coupons for things that I’ll never be interested in buying.


Nah it’s unrelated, I got it too. Steam just likes spamming your inventory with shitty coupons. They’re tradable but not marketable.



One of my relatives is in that article as one of the people at that event. I had no idea till he reposted it. OF course thats not even the craziest thing I know him for but, its up there.


Jim Carrey now has a Vimeo account and he’s turned to painting.


Already posted 9 days ago.

This may be a bit old but I put off watching it for ages and regretted it. The build of tension with the commentary and audience is great in the following Jenga match. Also will be hilarious to those of you who watch fighting game esports but is worth a watch regardless.


Instructions unclear


Of course that’s the obvious way it should work. Anyone who doesn’t immediately recognise that’s how it is shouldn’t be using the sink!


Fifteen Characters, not sure what I wanted to say.


The Wayback Machine is a powerful nostalgia drug, friends. Peep this site archive if you want to see how I got anime fansubs on VHS and VCD sixteen plus years ago when I was fourteen. My memory of it is a little fuzzy, the oldest scrape on Wayback is from early 2001 but I seem to remember getting tapes even before then but I can’t be sure. This dude was legit though, he had custom purple VHS tapes with custom labels and the dubbing quality was excellent. I wish I still had the tapes.

The link for “Netscape Entrance” then hitting “Cancel” seems to work best on a modern browser.


Foo Fighters do Nirvana-style Never Gonna Give You Up with actual Rick Astley.


This has probably been posted before, but how have I never seen this before?


How this show has not been picked up by the forum I will never know.