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The History of Rubik’s Cube


The Ringling Bros. Circus is closing.


Spless is one I’ve not heard of unless it was supposed to be sbless --> s’bless --> is blessed



My parents did this simply by also playing the games.
Seems like a passive aggressive way to parent and may lead to a larger gulf between child and parent (cat’s in the cradle…).
May also not foster trust in the relationship at an early age meaning you wouldn’t expect to trust them for anything terribly worse than a video game.

But hey what do I know.


Used responsibly, it’ll be fine. Used irresponsibly, it’ll be a method of control and conditioning the child into accepting and expecting constant surveillance of their actions.


I guess they’re being readied for life with the NSA.



Happy New Year, everybody.


Not spam. This is legit. A torrent search engine that seems to be better than Yarr Pirate Bay.


Not quite the right thread, but this was eye-opening:


There is no excuse for the UroClub.

I’m sure it’s theoretically useful for golfers with bladder problems, but I am 100% certain that those can be taken care of far more discreetly than by pissing into a golf club.


Hey @Rym I found the only person that doesn’t cheat at racewalking.


Eh. If you’re on the back 9 of a golf course, there’s not usually a whole lot of places you can go that wouldn’t make the grounds crew hate you.


I propose the UroXboxController.


But Rym, people who have XBox controllers readily available already have a much better solution handy:


That still doesn’t solve the mystery of, “But why into a golf club?”


Because it would be more awkward into your golf bag.


It doubles as a hand warmer, warming your hands up while you hold it once you relieve yourself.


Cus it’s just disguised enough to blend in?

I dunno, man. Don’t go pulling too many threads on this, it’s a pretty thin sweater here.