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DuckTales Woo-Hoo!




So I don’t know why I didn’t consider until exactly this moment that the command to run dwarf fortress in a linux would be df… This made me laugh harder than anything else linux ever has.



The same article with Enchantments and Creatures instead of Artifacts.



Original Pokemon was apparently written in straight assembly. As was gen 2.


Yep. There’s just no way to get that much out of the original GameBoy otherwise.


I’m sure many of you are aware of the Holy Sainted Duncan but man are his videos great to have on in the back ground whilst doing other stuff. Also the memes around him are great.


Okay, I found something better: Transcripts from Pharma Bro’s jury selection.


This should be a poster in every school in the country.


Well, an Oscar nominated movie just recently came out about Jackson, Vaughan, and Johnson so people probably have some idea of who they are. But I like the idea of school posters for it.


Reminds me of a post that a [male, coincidentally] programmer made on Twitter a couple of days ago. He said that his mom wrote currently running Fortran code that is older than the douchebag who wrote the anti-Google-diversity manifesto.


You think you saw this but you did not.


Joan Clark I guess was also in the Benedict Cumberbatch Alan Turing movie too. Didn’t see her on there immediately.


I used to really dislike the wargaming community. So many that guy’s, so expensive of a hobby. As I get older though I really want to paint “my” army. My own lore. My own special characters. Still expensive as hell though.


I defiantly feel you on that one. My bug bear with 40K was, as a guard player, that you only had two shitty factions you could realistically play as. Due to the fact that forge world costed an arm and a leg. Then again this was over ten years ago and having looked at the prices now I’m glad I got out.

But yeah full of that guy and just broken builds. I want theme dam it.



An interesting article how fans started to dress like players at team sporting events