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Twitter Haiku thread


Congrats! <nbsp;>


Theresa May and the Holy Grail.




A bunch of RadioShack stuff is being auctioned off.
It’s a weird mix of corporate office garbage and parts of the history of computers, cell phones and radio. I’m a little tempted to add to my old computer collection.


Here’s your chance to stock up on trash-80s!

No thanks.




Ask a professional photographer to touch up your photos.

Oh, he’ll fix them, alright…


87% first try. Still made my day when I realized even I with decent knowledge of both pokemon and big data solutions am not perfect at differentiating them.


I got 100%, based solely on an embarrassing amount of pokemon knowledge.


I know every single pokemon in the first 2 generations, I do not know very many after that point.



The first suggested search. Humanity, you disturb and delight me.


I checked, and that’s not a Photoshop.

In other news, I changed my plans for tonight. Going to watch Big O with my dick.


That is a screenshot from my phone. No alterations.


I watched the kdrama of Jin. It was so, so bad. At one point there is a romantic blister popping scene, complete with close up of the blister popping action.


Dog obbligato part discovered for Mendelssohn Italian Symphony. :smile:


For those of you who want a weekly improv comedy show that you can watch live, here you go.