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This is the best set up for a 1 second text on black screen joke.



I can’t imagine trying to control one of those things.


[quote=“adam, post:626, topic:36, full:true”]
I can’t imagine trying to control one of those things.
[/quote]They’re not. Programmed behavior.



The replies are pretty good too.


Yeah, a few of them displays some pretty simple behavior that you see a lot in line following bots.



Double feature:





Manga creator Motoka Murakami has a Patreon page where you can read Jin, a comic about a neurosurgeon who is sent back to the Edo period and essentially becomes Black Jack.


That’s even crazier.


I’ve seen the drama of that! It was pretty good, other than the whole weird baby looking tumor thing.


For those who are unaware it appears Kung Fury (bad but its good movie) is free on Steam to watch.


Last I checked it was either on Hulu or Netflix.


Finally, you can just paste your password.



User interface (accessibility) expectations: the system should not invite a visually impaired person to break a limb. Photo taken today whilst walking through Hobart.


Rock paper shotgun’s steam sale guide is pretty standard stuff, but it’s not the recommendations that make it worth the read.


Got my first internship today!