Things of Your Day


My coworker just brought this thing to my office to look at. It’s a tape measure from the 30’s that measures in feet, but instead of inches it’s divided into tenths and hundreths of a foot. I had no idea something like this existed.

Sorry, it’s hard to make out in the picture, but the text says:

The Lufkin Rule Co.
Saginaw, Mich.
No. 696D
Made in USA

The other side has a 1930’s Crescent logo


I’ve never heard of such a measurement system before either, but the Lufkin brand of tools still exists.


Huh… a quick Google search shows decimal feet measurements are used in machining, drafting, and surveying. If I had to guess blueprints can be made with decimalized measurements so builders, machinists and engineers have specialized tape measures to avoid conversion errors.


I’ve heard machinists refer to “thousandths of an inch”, but I’d never thought about larger measurements being decimal too, that’s super interesting!



A legit good lineup for a chip heavy country.


My thing of the day is a location that I don’t think I’ve brought up here before, Silverball Pinball Museum in Asbury Park, NJ. It’s a favorite hang out of mine that’s basically an arcade filled with pinball machines and other electric games all set to free play; you pay by the hour or day. The games range from old (1950s) to brand new, most with placards giving a historic description of the game. Also, it’s BYOB, which is usually unheard of at these places since they usually want to sell you their own over priced stuff. If you’re ever in the area it’s definitely worth checking out.


My favorite internet comedy people LoadingReadyRun, who you certainly know as the people who do Desert Bus for Hope, do a bi-weekly variety show on twitch called LoadingReadyLive. One of my favorite bits they do occasionally is “X Against Humanity” where they improvise a certain scene, playing it straight but with topics taken from a shuffled deck of Cards Against Humanity thrown in. This week they did “Blind Date Against Humanity” and it’s fantastic (if the video doesn’t start at the proper time-mark, skip to 01:18:24).




If you ride a bike across South Korea and collect 30 stamps from different stations across the country, the give you a medal. My friend is currently attempting the challenge and is streaming the entire thing:

I think it’s pretty neat.


An interview with Otomo.


Scott gave a really nice toast to his brother at the wedding this weekend.

Some of you watched it live, but I mastered the audio and cleaned it up (as best I could considering cellcam in dark room):


So that’s Scott without the cynical GeekNights persona.


This channel.


@rym etc Al stock traders. stockstream


Animaniacs is getting rebooted.


Interestingly, a historian may have found evidence of a two-century old encounter between Samurai and Australian Pirates that had previously been dismissed as a fabrication.

Best pull:

When the ship did not raise its anchor, a cannon fired on the ship like a “thunder clap … followed by an eerie screeching noise as the old deeply pitted ball flew between the two masts of the barbarian ship”.

“Irritatingly, without sign of haste or panic, the crew leisurely spread one sail,” Hamaguchi said.


My thing of the day can be summized by two songs:


2 hour video talking about where Sherlock fails as a TV series: