Things of Your Day


This racer named his horse Cloud Computing.


Good old fashion game corruption.





This might be well known by everyone else, but I only learned of it today and thought it was cool so I’m posting it here.

This is the theme song to the 90s cartoon, “Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?” (Not as popular as the PBS Game Show but I was still a fan)

And this is a piece of classical music by Mozart called Singt Dem Großen Bassa Lieder:

It’s only fitting that Carmen Sandiego would have stolen a piece of music from Mozart to use as her personal theme song.


This is 100% how you definitely do it.






Can’t remember if I posted this here. It’s wrong for so many reasons.


I don’t know why I never considered what microsoft uses for version control for their massive project, Windows, but I never had. Here’s an engineer blogging about it.


How to take the piss on trending tech channels.



NYU sent me an admissions offer for the grad program I’m going into. It’s the best school in the country for that program, and it opens a lot of doors professionally. Also, the advantage of living in NYC, which has been a long-term goal for me, can’t be understated.

I already accepted an admissions offer from another school (the third best in the country, but it’s located in Florida), and sticker shock is making me second guess going to NYU right now–I’m sure that will fade in a few days. Hopefully scholarship money will be sent in my direction, but I’m not banking on it.




What’s great about pixel art, is you can use almost anything as pixels.


So this is an actual award, and it is great.