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That Elgato “Stream Deck” is literally just a USB keyboard…
[/quote]I’ve looked at it some more, and I literally can’t figure out anything other than sticking JPGs to your keys that you can do with it, that you can’t do with either a home-built solution. Or if you’re not that DIY-oriented, just a regular old gaming keypad like the Logitech G-13, or Razer’s orbweaver, or literally any one of the hundreds of other options that range from slightly cheaper, to much cheaper. Or shit, even just a smartphone or cheap tablet with a copy of Roccat power grid, which even includes custom button images, thus entirely replicating every single feature of the stream deck, except wirelessly.


I found out that there is a Kindle version of Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka. I’m sure other manga have gotten the kindle treatment as well; looks like I know how I’m buying my manga from now on!


Yeah, I mean, shit, I effectively built a similar thing for controlling my editing softwares from an arduino, some buttons, a screen, and a couple of dials.



Lucky Charms: Not even pretending we’re cereal anymore.


I don’t get the big deal. You don’t need to be lucky to get this, you can buy a bag of just cereal marshmallows very easily online. I do it every year and put out a big bowl of them for my coworkers every St Patrick’s Day. It’s a silly gimmick but it puts a smile on everyone’s faces.


If you have a disability, Microsoft is offering to upgrade your copy of Windows 10 S to Pro free of charge.




I want to post this to Facebook but everyone who would see it on there is already here.


Go back to episode 1 and watch all 41 videos in this series. It’s like they invented and perfected a whole new form of improvised epic comedy storytelling.


One of my favorite youtube channel type folk, AVE, Canadian Machinist/Fitter and Turner extraordinaire, has posted a full teardown and manufacturing commentary of the Juicero. Worth watching if you want to get the full john dory from someone who well and truly knows their shit.


The last episode of Car Boys is a cinematic masterpiece.


Bless those sweet sweet boys and this gift they have given us! See you space cowboys!


A dear friend of mine(and her husband, who is also a good friend) were interviewed recently on Here In Holland. Well worth the listen.


Moon Powaaaahhhh


Instrumentation for one handers.


Sounds like something that would be in Smash Bros.


His channel is just 100% full of amazing stuff. I’ve been working my way backwards through his old vijayos and haven’t flinched once on playing $0.50 to rent the couple of rentable ones.