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No cause of death has been announced at this time. I don’t want to invade the privacy of his friends and family, but I suspect it was a suicide.



And now in the correct thread.


The DDR pad I ordered like three months ago finally showed up.


He’s back


Tesla is now taking orders for its solar roofs. And the price is CHEAPER than analysts had previously predicted.


Elon Musk needs to work on his presentation skills.


I quite like the fact that Musk is super uncomfortable on stage, and doesn’t have full control of his voice and body during presentations. If he was at Tony Stark level of slick, I’d be way less of a fan.



I apologize for the click-baity site, but the content is, in my opinion, worth it.


Reductress is a beautiful site. I refuse to hear it slandered as “click-baity.”


Kinda annoying how it painfully over-explained the joke on the first page, so much do that I only got three pages in.




@lukeburrage The repetition was part of the humor for me. I love that they followed the insipid wedding planning piece formula to the end. Also, each one gets a bit more damning.

@Linkigi While the content of Reductress is nice, it also has those ‘here’s a bunch of cool shit to buy wrapped in a snarky tone’ pieces and the page layout, like Buzzfeed’s layout, is clickbait-esque. Note that I didn’t call it clickbait, but it has that aesthetic.


Reductress has always struck me as decent concept/headlines with poor follow through.



I thought I recognized her. She’s the undisputed queen of shitty robots.



One of my students asked me to draw Princess Belle for her. I complied:

She didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.