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Fast Karate stream creates fine art shirts.


Here’s a good resume template I recently came across…


Damn, that “I’d fuck a dragon” shirt is tempting. Is there a recording of the stream up somewhere? I can’t find one.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it hidden after some Hitman


Honest to god, I don’t know if I’d have that guy come in for an interview if I was looking for a coder. On the one hand, you’re sending in a resume’, take it seriously. On the other hand, You’ve gotta be pretty fucking confident in your ability to send in a resume that looks like that.


As my brother says he has a head like a thumb.


For those of you who stream often might want to look at this.


Saw that a few weeks ago. It’s a useless overpriced piece o’ junk.


New York vs. South “hospitality.” Now we have the science to back it up. Fuck yeah!


Something I always suspected as a generality from dealing with people in emotional situations. Same thing for racism, I’d rather it plain and in site rather than dog whistles and insinuations.



The ABC news guy who pops in that thread derails the whole thing.

Also for swearing article Washington holding it up with one of the highest integrity ratings measured. I figured our swearing might be a bit higher.


I don’t do any of the recruiting at my company, but I am heavily involved in doing interviews, and I would reject that resume just based on the content. The format and tone make it worse.


That Elgato “Stream Deck” is literally just a USB keyboard…


Yeah that pretty much goes against every recommendation for how to actually write a resume.


The graphics waste so much space and the paragraph structure just makes it worse. There’s so little there.


There is a pretty high chance if you include paragraphs on your resume I won’t even read it.


I can’t decide which one is better, so why not both?


Epic Sax Guy is back on the Eurovision stage this yeah.


This is not the best Eurovision year ever, but it’s definitely the best of the last several years, based on the finalist performances I watched.


Pepe the Frog has been killed off by his creator.

Considering the unfortunate turn of events that befell his character, I can’t blame him.

EDIT: Here’s the comic.