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Goddammit Japan even your penguins can’t resist the temptation of a waifu!



“The zoo keepers are isolating him from Hululu for his health. It turns out, Grape-kun wasn’t eating his food because he was too busy chilling with Hululu. Grape-kun is 20, which is elderly for a penguin, so his cute antics could cause him to die from malnutrition.”



Why buy low quality cuts and cook them as steaks when you could be cooking them in casserole, curry or anything that does a long cook at lower heat.

Some varying opinions, sirloin cut is generally a low quality cut in Australia.

My Dad only ever buys ribeye or fillet steaks when he wants steak which I inherited the habit of.

You don’t need a cast iron pan to cook steak. That amount of oil is only needed if you use a cast iron pan.

Also doing the ribeye in the oven first is beneficial only if you don’t have a gas stove top where you can control the heat.

You should still rest the steak regardless of the cut.

I get the feeling that this video is for baby’s first steak.

Skirt steak is pretty cheap and I have followed his steps myself and it is fantastic. That can reasonably accommodate a moderately-sized gathering and most of the cooking the grill master can actually spend playing a quick game with the group.






Because some people are poor, they get tired of soups/stews/casseroles, steaks are easy to cook, take minimal ingredients, and it feels like a special meal even with a cheap cut of meat if it is prepared nicely. My mother used to find tons of ways to make low quality ingredients seem like nicer meals - it was just poverty combined with a desire to occasionally feel like one is eating a nicer meal. Also, when I was a kid, I had no idea what a better cut of meat tasted like, so the cheap steak seems great without the comparison to something better.


Why the Force Awakens is good and why I couldn’t stand Rogue One…


It is weird to post The Oatmeal here, since it is so widely popular and so frequently great, but this one is worth extra attention and is my Thing of the Day:

There is a great way to help combat (not get rid of, but work against) the backfire effect, and it is something my father instilled in me as part of my core beliefs: A Taoist acceptance of what is; a transcendental drive for self-improvement and truth-seeking; and a marriage of both which accepts and acknowledges that the known/knowable is a dynamic, both on a personal level and on a universal level, and that change is a constant. As opposed to a Vulcan-esque (and likely humanly impossible) tact that would require denial/suppression of the emotional response, this cobbled together progression allows and accepts the emotional response while creating a drive to push past it in order to learn/improve, and a willingness/eagerness to accept new, verified information.



Guys I think my amygdala is broken. Literally nothing the Oatmeal presented got any rise out of me.


Long twitter thread about that. But yeah, I didn’t have any reaction to anything presented. In general, new facts that prove me wrong about something excite me more than anything.


The one about Pledge of Alliance worried me for a bit, as I had no idea what Pledge of Alliance is and I thought that I had forgotten something important from history class. But that whole thing was clearly targeted for Americans, which makes sense, it would be impossible to make something like that to be all encompassing.


Yes but now I want to see if your brain lights up like “woo new experience!” when Scott throws a punch at you.


My only problem with this is that I don’t have any strong connection to George Washington, either pro or con. My main bad reaction to the facts about his false teeth was in the dodgy comma usage in the comic. For a while I wasn’t sure what reaction I was meant to be having, especially when I already knew a lot of the surprising facts he wrote, like the height of Napoleon or the life expectancy of house flies.

I guess I need a comic written specifically for me.