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I dabble a bit in stocks using Stockpile, I made a good return on Nvidia’s hot run last year and I’ve been doing well with Tesla and Activision-Blizzard for the last couple months. Might reinvest some of that in Amazon.


That would be a nice windfall for me. My last stock vestment from my hiring allocation will drop about then, so if the stock bumps over $1000, I’d be quite happy.



Analyses of 3D character models in video games.




You know, before I clicked that video I knew what I was hoping it would be. It did not disappoint. :smile:


This tweet made me smile.



I wish they would branch south.


I’ve been looking for a good electronics project, and wandered down a YouTube rabbit hole of analogue synthesisers. This guy does a fantastic job explaining the basics and gets you to a good point where you can start making noise and experimenting. He also has a good video explaining sequencers.

Plus he sounds 85% like Jeff Goldblum.


Casper Electronics are Legit, as far as noisemakers go. You can build a great and powerful modular synth with DIY kits, comes out a lot cheaper too.




It’s tough because every accessibility plan NYC has had is blocked by New York State refusing to fully fund the MTA. All new stations are ADA compliant, but the old stations are ~100 years old and there literally isn’t any money to refit them.

The city runs a car/van/bus system specifically targetted at people who have accessibility concerns, but it’s also woefully underfunded for mostly the same reasons. Buses are I believe already 100% compliant and provide access to all of Manhattan.

Further, most of the core stations are situated such that there is no “easy” way to provide elevators. Making even half of the existing legacy system fully compliant would probably cost billions. The state will neither pay for it nor let the city pay for it internally.

The good news is if the lawsuit succeeds, the state will be forced to pour billions into the city.


It has seemed to me for a long time that the US should adopt a similar system to many European countries and Japan where large metro areas are national level political entities unto themselves. It would clear up issues like the state not wanting to pay for NYC infrastructure while simultaneously not allowing them to pay themselves, and other differences in policies and priorities.


I agree. Make every major city its own state with two Senators each.


I propose a motion: Spokane gets 2 senators; grounds being that it’s a major city, only when compared with the rest of the cities in it’s state.

(heh, I think that’s one comma semicolon and colon, possibly all correct.)


I remember @Rym posted an article a while ago, maybe from the New York Times?, that advocated organizing the US based on metropolitan centers and surrounding areas, rather than by state.

Found it!


Another thing we could do is just add some states according to the rules in the constitution. If even just one nice liberal country became a state, it would add enough representatives to congress to save us. We can really fuck things up by adding a lot of really tiny states. What’s up Guam?