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Trolling on the scale of Alex Jones where he sells brain pills and promotes actual dangerous activity like Pizzagate needs to be enforced like a legit form of public endangerment and be tried to the fullest extent of the law.


Things Only Women Writers Hear


I’m not really sure how crazy he is and how much he actually believes. I listened to the Joe Rogan episode he was on (though he was way too soft on jones), and there were times he seemed sane enough basically saying the times he was screaming and yelling were being satirical or just exaggerating for effect, but then later on he states that the elites are a group of psychic vampires who’s goal is to ascent humanity in a Transhumanist plot sent using technology they believe is sent to them by an interdimentional being. He frames this by saying basically “I’m not saying I believe this but I believe this is what they believe, because sources.” He had also smoked a bunch of weed on the episode, so… But also as he was describing their plan, I’m like yeah thats literally what I want to do, sign me up.


That almost sounds like he realized he slipped and allowed a peek at the man behind the curtain so he doubled down to try to cover it up.


Stories I heard from people who worked with him on Austin Cable Access said he completely knew he was full shit and said he was just doing it as an act. He would get in political rants to screw with people. Off camera, he was kind of shy and obsessed with stories. These accounts were told by personalities behind, Double Toasted, OneOfUs.Net from Austin, TX. He might have grown into his own bullshit more over time like Rush Limbaugh but he’s still scummy scum.




My rather self-indulgent TOTD is that I sent a package to one of my favorite internet people, LoadingReadyRun (the people who do Desert Bus for Hope among a billion other things) and it was featured in their Monthly Mail Time show.




Another advancement for driverless cars. Still some way to go, but ‘solid-state LIDAR’.

Next step appropriate technology for IOT devices. Think of all the things malware could do.






Oh my god that’s actually real.


Oh yeah. I’ve had stock in it on HSX for a while now. It’s going GREAT!


Some of the worst head photoshopping on a poster I’ve seen in a while though.


American friends, maybe load up on a little more Amazon stock before September.

They’re breaking into a market that already has a deep want for exactly the service they provide, and in which all of their potential compeditors are absolutely fucking bricking it, because instead of building competing infrastructure for the inevitable, they instead put their weight behind trying to block Amazon from the country(completely, not just opening for business here.) So they’re going to make a fucking motser.


The payoff at the end is so good.