Things of Your Day



How interesting that you would post that. I started checking out 99% Invisible in the podcast thread, listened to their flags episode, then I saw the video you posted.

A lot of the flags violate the basic flag design principles (most especially #4).

EDIT: Also, I just remembered this:



The Power of Acetone


The Gorillaz are getting a TV series.


Ransomware that only unlocks if you get the high score in a SHMUP.


How did I just discover this today? Both these things are great!


When researching for a Zenkaikon panel I struck Diamond.


NSFW but worth the minute or so.



I believe there’s an episode of King of the Hill about that…



A new reason to go to confession every day.




Warner Bros. might have to pay $900 million in a copyright lawsuit over The Conjuring. The buildup that leads to this case is actually pretty funny.


Wild cats have better physiques but this (looks like a Tom from his masseter muscles) does the domestic cat species pretty proud in the achievement of pitch invasion.



Map of the World, with each country illustrated with the most popular work of literature written by a native of that country.