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AOL and Yahoo! will merge and be renamed Oath.


Terrible Writing Advice


When anyone tries to explain the Monty Hall problem…




Can someone edit the twitch post in this thread? The video constantly is auto playing whenever I got into this thread.


Sorry about that, didn’t realize it was auto-playing.




IT’S BASICALLY JUST IMMORAL TO BE RICH: A reminder that people who possess great wealth in a time of poverty are directly causing that poverty…by A.Q. SMITH


Yes. If you have vast wealth, you have vast power. Not using that power is like being Superman and just matching someone fall off a building to their doom. Don’t be fooled by rich people who try to have a good public image. Looking at you Bill Gates.


It’s worse than being Superman and doing nothing, it would be as if Superman’s powers were leeched off of other people, depriving them of their health/well being/life expectancy. Then, he only saves a select few whenever he has a whim. He could just give the power back to each person.

Edit to avoid double-post: @Josh I wish I could “unlike” that Pogo video. I had forgotten about Pogo/Nick Bertke since his initial Disney stuff. In looking into his work after you posted that video, I learned that his a huge misogynist, anti-feminist, and a Trump supporter. F*** him. I’m out.


If anything, this makes a great audition video for The Wizard of Oz.


The Harlan County Coal Mining Museum in Kentucky is switching over to solar power…

“The museum is switching to solar power in hopes of saving money on
energy costs… The installation of solar panels began this week. “We
believe that this project will help save at least $8,000 to $10,000 off
the energy costs on this building alone, so it’s a very worthy effort
and it’s going to save the college money in the long run,” Brandon
Robinson, communications director of Southeast Kentucky Community and
Technical College, which owns the museum, told WYMT.”


I am now on Youtube TV beta, I will report on it after I kick the tires.