Things of Your Day



The Very Slow Movie Player.

It plays a movie at 24fph. That’s per hour.






Mike McCain, the artist who made this image, was selling it for $25, with all the proceeds going to the ACLU. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available for sale.

I’m tempted to just print out the image and donate $25 to the ACLU in his name.


Remember in the '90s when you wanted to send an e-greeting card there was a site

The guy who made that site sold it for a fortune long long ago. Today, he became Governor of Colorado. The second LGBT governor of a US state and the first Jewish governor of Colorado.


I knew he was one of the (few) congresspeople that understands the internet, but now I know why.


Not a congressperson anymore.




I don’t know a lot about baseball. I have heard the name Barry Bonds before as a famous player in that sport, but I never had any metrics of comparison. But this video does a great job illustrating it, though I had to look up what some of the stats mentioned even mean.


Jon Bois is pretty fucking awesome in terms of “Weird Sports what-ifs”.




Yeah, since that video I’ve been watching his “Pretty Good” and “Chart Party” videos and they are really good.


His newest one is called fighting in the age in loneliness. It’s a documentary about MMA and combat sports.


If you haven’t read 17776 yet, I would recommend you correct that.


I read it a couple of years ago when it came out. Probably should reread it at some point.