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The justice this man brings gives me life.


This week in chiptube was my go to podcast for learning about new artists and album releases in the genre. It sadly ended due to the host not able to put the effort into it. He tried one of those 24 hour radio shows that is ok. Today he launched this:



Best headline of the year goes to the clickthrough headline for this:


Microsoft is making their own virtual machines for Windows 10.


I’m at work and I just realized, that I think I may be an idiot. Well I knew that already but about this specifically. We were given salami and cheese by like our building or something and I was eating the cheese and I used a nonsense word to describe it… Sharp. I realized likely depth and bright and whatever other things I was not sure on probably exist in a similar world as the word sharp.

I believe I was already told this, and thank those who did for informing me.



“In light of the past year’s news of rampant sexual misconduct by some powerful and famous men, Washington Post journalists asked the question: How do we raise boys? To find out, we searched the country, talking to boys, parents and experts about what it’s like to be a boy today. In this series:”

Edited to add: I don’t know why the third link isn’t showing up the same as the first two. This forum can be weird and futzy about links sometimes.



I really want to post this in the Cannabis thread, but a stupid new rule prohibits me from posting there till someone else responds. So I’m posting it here.

Hemp is now federally legal in the U.S.


Science has gone too far :joy:

When I asked Ms. Dyer if she could tell me which industry served as Glitterex’s biggest market, her answer was instant: “No, I absolutely know that I can’t.”

I was taken aback. “But you know what it is?”

“Oh, God, yes,” she said, and laughed. “And you would never guess it. Let’s just leave it at that.” I asked if she could tell me why she couldn’t tell me. “Because they don’t want anyone to know that it’s glitter.”

“If I looked at it, I wouldn’t know it was glitter?”

“No, not really.”

“Would I be able to see the glitter?”

“Oh, you’d be able to see something. But it’s — yeah, I can’t.”

I asked if she would tell me off the record. She would not. I asked if she would tell me off the record after this piece was published. She would not. I told her I couldn’t die without knowing. She guided me to the automotive grade pigments.


This photograph deserves a wider audience.


But where’s Gritty?


Accidental Renaissance is my favorite get re of photography.


In the hearts and minds of everyone.


Stop the presses the demand has been met.


Bring back instruction manuals printed on dead trees.


It’s even worse, you are unable to do those moves until you actually complete that shine, meaning that if you do not follow the script in the game it makes the game so much harder to do combat.