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A bunch of famous classic artistic works are entering the public domain next year. Here’s a crash course on them.


Les Moonves, who ran CBS for over 20 years, was hit with sexual harassment allegations.
He will be resigning from the network effective immediately with no severance package.
That package ($20 million) will instead go to the #MeToo movement.




I’m not sure he’s using that Durometer correctly, or at least, that it’s calibrated correctly - some of those knives are coming out, once converted, to a higher rockwell than your average steel blade(roughly 57 Rockwell, which would be a 76 Shore) when they almost certainly shouldn’t be. For example, there’s no earthly way that a knife made of polyethylene bottles is going to actually have a higher rockwell hardness than stainless steel.






I am obviously biased as a fan of Lindsey, but that video is a goddamn masterpiece.



Is there any evidence that adolescent use of tobacco overall has gone up?


The latest data, not yet published, show a 75 percent increase in e-cigarette use among high school students this year compared to 2017. The FDA declined to publicly release the numbers, but people familiar with them said they were preliminary data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey, on which the agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collaborate.”


But that’s only analyzing e-cigarette use. I’m asking about all forms of tobacco. Maybe cigarette use is declining proportionally.




Guess who’s back…


Live action & stop motion, shot for shot recreation of Toy Story 3


Double posting because this day is bringing good things. Damn this is one hell of an observation made by Colbert.