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I’m glad someone did, that looks dope.



There may be something wrong with me because this dry academic paper on mega-projects and their general infeasibility captivated me. I’m not generally one to enjoy reading stuff not made to entertain.

TL;DR: Turns out we all talk about the megaprojects that work (US interstate system) and don’t talk too much about the ones that fail (that giant infrastructure plan that brought down KMart). Turns out when you quantify all of them to date, they’re risky propositions.


This is pretty cool, ignoring the privacy aspects…



Now I get to feel cool for having posted that 10 days ago.


Fuck your utena shitposts, I’m all about those He Man and the masters of the universe shitposts


“I want to see your tits, my dear.”


Well if we are doing shit posting…


I haven’t listened to this song in…at least a decade, probably more, I still know it word for word.


I’m not sorry


I never heard that song in English before. I thought Baby Shark was a Korean thing, so I read Wikipedia and got all the answers.


I ordered a button of my avatar.



This whole channel:


Turns out Mike Nesmith, Guitarist of the Monkees and son of Bette Nesmith, the inventor of Liquid Paper, is a huge fan of vaporwave, and for some reason that just made my fuckin’ day.



I love it too but when they try and suggest some essentially vaporware meme mashups are deep cuts, it makes me sadboi out and want some: