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Holy shit, this whole thread.


I want to read this thread, but it’s yellow text on a black background inside of images. Someone please provide it in unicode or ASCII, so I can read it.


So there’s the link to the actual forum. It’s still the crappy colours but you can change it to whatever you want. Downside is he’s like 0% of the total posts. The page I sent ya to has a few posts of his. Guy’s name is fart-powered cars and his icon says trump lover.


I love the high brow ones


It is a crime that he and Kissinger are still alive but y’know I’ll take it.


Someone on reddit copied and pasted most of it.


Twitter can now hang it up and shut it’s doors. We have a winner.


I have recently actually turned my Roku down to 1080P cause I wasn’t seeing any difference from 4K.


I’ve just put together a triple monitor display and I’m still playing around with things to figure out how they should be configured. All the displays are physically the same size with the same bezels, but the outer monitors are cheap TN panels limited to 1080p and the center panel is a nicer 144 hz 1440x2560. Between nvidia and windows there’s a lot of options to configure them, but nothing seems to be perfect. Right this moment I’m using DSR 1.78 on the outer displays just so the mouse is properly aligned when I move across the screens, but that does make them a little fuzzy. Then I set windows on one outer panel to 1.25 (for reading) and 1.75 (media) and that’s working for me, but it’s imperfect. Overwatch sure is more fun though on that better central panel.



I live this and wish it were my life. Also @gomidog and @FlameLesbian haven’t seen it and that makes me sad.


So this is more of a channel thing rather than a video thing. This is a series about two friends trying to gain skills that makes them “modern rouges” they do callbacks to previous episodes so as they go forward it builds upon the things that they learn to do more crazy things. This one doesn’t do that but gives a good example about the format.


It’s basically an expansion/combination of Brian’s old Scam School webseries, and the show that he did on NatGeo with Jason(the other host) called Hacking the System. Not that it makes it a bad thing - but if you were into those before, then you’ll be into this too.


I gotta say that there is absolutely a notable difference between 1080 and 4k, if you have a quality signal and content made for the higher resolution. Now, even if I concede the idea that the eyeball can’t render detail of a 4k screen (which, I dunno about that) there is still benefit in being able to increase screen size in relation to your eyeball: have a bigger screen closer and cover more vision space and not lose detail. Great for large monitors.

Another benefit to 4k with PC is a lot of GUI is shrunk down without loss of information: crosshairs become razor thin but remain visible. Icons and toolbars are less chunky. In games with player names and such on screen they don’t clog up prime realestate so bad.

Yes I think it helps with gaming where you need to see small details like people far away. But you can argue if that is really doing much, I havn’t done testing on it.


Well I guess you got your wish, 1 more to go eh?



My friends and I stumbled into this last night. (WARNING: This definitely falls into the @Rym’s youtube likes category of things)


This guy sorted all the presidents into hogwarts houses.

I had a good time going through them and stroking my chin and thinking “yes that’s the correct decision”. Then I got to the bottom; first I was confused then I was giggles.


This rabbit hanging out outside our front door


No, you can’t have it. It’s one of a kind and on Etsy and I bought it.