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Companion video to the one I posted yesterday from Harry’s Garage, this time about the Tractor seen briefly in the Combine Harvester video, along with some other equipment that goes with it. Long story short - modern tractors are incredible pieces of kit, even though some parts are literally unchanged from tractors from 70 years ago.


BronyCon is ending.


My prediction: they will rebrand to a more open theme.


Ponies ain’t sustainable in a vaccuum. Not on that level.



mike pence’s website has been hacked. I don’t wanna link it here because eventually someone will fix it whereas the link will remain here forever but just google his name and it’s not the wiki or the twitter. It’s his official website. There’s a banner ad at the top asking if you’re gay and if so, it takes you to hell(.com)

The rest of the site is as amusing as that.


First result I see is


Bah, I’ve been bamboozled. I assumed official mike pence dot com with it’s valid ssl cert was actually mike pence’s. Appears the whole thing is a parody. The thought occurred to me but I guess I wanted to believe.



Pax South vibes coming from this


The snakes are actually mating but I think that makes it even better.




Matt called my phone the other day accidentally. I think we had exchanged numbers at PAX–the only time we ever met!! I called him back and we had a short conversation like people who had grown up together. So now I am posting again.





My brain has suddenly clicked and needs to get rid of stuff.


An educational video that turns into a challenge


I don’t know that I’d call it a “vending machine” but still a cool thing.