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Bagels aren’t even common knowledge.


Fun facts - aside from being a fillet of smoked salmon(which admittedly isn’t my thing), it’s also the industry standard abbreviation for Liquid Oxygen.








Pennsylvania is only kinda bad. There are way way worse states. Except for the Penguins, Pittsburgh is alright.

It’s Philadelphia that can go phuck itself.


I’m a big fan of Greeley


"Pennsylvania has 36 racial hate groups, more than Alabama, Arkansas or Kansas, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“This area is well known for white supremacy. It’s got a rich history and the right conditions to thrive,” said Heidi Beirich of the SPLC. “It’s as significant as many areas in the South usually associated with white supremacy.”"


If you want to measure that way, California and New York don’t look too good. New Mexico best state?


I once heard Pennsylvania described as Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in the middle.

Given the numerous times I’ve spent driving through the middle of that state, I’ll believe it.


Have you seen the Hate groups in your state? I wouldn’t throw stones :-p at least PA didn’t rebel against the freaking US to keep Slaves :-p


Virginia is kind of what I expected, mostly a grab bag of Nazi and Confederate chucklefucks.


PA is two big messy ass cities with Kentucky between them.



Hey, I’m from NY! :wink:


Yes, and unfortunately my son lives there…