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What a dumb piece of shit.


This is one of those times that I don’t think my opinion of Elon Musk has lowered at all, because I concluded he was an idiot years ago. The only difference between him and other rich idiots is that he’s got Twitter diarrhoea, and most other rich idiots don’t normally communicate what they are thinking.


My opinion has been lowered, but granted, it wasn’t that high to begin with. It went from “rich idiot” to “rich asshole.” At first, I just thought he was clueless, but sometimes well-meaning. Now I just think he’s a jerk.


All he had to do was bow out gracefully, and if he really insists on testing some submarine thing in a cave, sure let him play with his toys. But nope.


A glimpse into the future.



That looks way more fun than regular battleship.



“They say it’s the highest rated sonic game in 15 years!”

Even when they say it entirely seriously, it still sounds like damning with faint praise.



This is purely brilliant.





The editing on this video… Holy shit.


Australian coverage of their speedrunning event.



We had a speedrunning event?


You have a few actually horario think has the master list.