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I assume other people already know about this, but I just read about it today. This is completely bonkers:

“Saudi Arabia is building a futuristic mega-city 33 times the size of New York City from scratch.”

The crazy part is mostly the from Scratch part combined with the location, NYC is honestly pretty compact - my completely normal city is already about 20 times the size of NYC. Another 13 NYCs on top is pretty large, but hardly unimaginable.

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This feels a lot like a scam. There have been a lot of massive construction/terraforming projects in that region that ended up petering out over the decades.

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Jim Henson’s early work: Wilkins Coffee advertisements.
Slapstick violence abounds.

Ms. Ginsburg does some good celling.

Looking for something else, I stumbled across this absolutely fascinating article about the use of fonts in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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Did this a few days ago, but things have finally settled out: