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You beat me to the punch on that, I think that room also had the best recording setup out of all of them over the weekend.


Doggie Corgi is a youtube channel with excellent content. Animations of varying lengths of dogs being good dogs to relaxing music. Two short examples are below, but all the videos are great and worth watching.

#TikTOscars watch them all. RIP Vine

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Such hype. Such drama.

Yo dog, we heard you like islands:

Apparently the one in the Philippines is gone because the volcano erupted.

Unmesh Dinda’s real name is Adobe Photoshop.

I’ve learnt more from him in a few videos than I’ve done from anything else before in all my years using Photoshop.

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I love the presentation, and the whole message, but he really isn’t saying anything that Larry Lessig didn’t say back in 2007ish.

Well presentationn and repetition matters, and a TED talk from 2007 doesn’t speak to today even if the points are the same. In any case we need hundreds or thousands of familiar faces pooling together resources to push for it vocally in their own way.

My local community college is offering free online classes for technical professions like CNA, Sociology, and CIT.

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Good to know if I ever want chicken flavored ice cream I suppose. Bet we’re gonna see a rise in weird content.

Today, my college loans have been fully paid off. The amount of stressed they caused me in the past is now no longer an issue.