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What on Earth…

The best part: The dramatic reading of the script.


The term originates from the 1995 anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, where it was used with a different meaning.


You’re an astronaut, the first explorer of youtube videos with no views.


There are some other slightly different services if you like this kind of thing:
Incognitube: Sub 100 view videos
default filename tv: Only videos with default filenames : Don’t know criteria for this one but the interface emulates channel surfing so that’s fun

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You know and love the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest. Write the worst possible opening sentence to a novel.

Check out the Lyttle Lytton: 200-characters-and-under-subdivision:

Featuring such gems as:

Jennifer stood there, quietly ovulating.

As the fireman entered the burning building, he felt a warm rush blow over him—​like when you open the oven door and get that jet of warm air.

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Cool video on the rope memory used for the Apollo missions.

It’s Time Video Games Stop Glorifying Violence And Go Back To Glorifying Whatever The Fuck Was Going On In ‘BurgerTime’



Overwatch is adding role queue and role lock, with independent per-role MMRs.

Oh. That seems nice actually.

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Slightly tempted to try it.

I would never use such a feature unless I was forced to, as I can play any role based on need. But if this keeps the salty babies who only know how to play Widow or Tracer from ruining my games, awesome. :wink:

The role lock I think is a bad idea, and it may affect how much I play in the long run. I really enjoy the flexibility of choosing to risk a triple-tank or other weird strategy. Also, a good team might want to swap tanks, and swap WHICH PLAYER plays the tank vs the DPS. This makes that impossible, I can’t swap from Zarya to Pharah to let our Pharah go Reinhardt…

I do see the problem they’re trying to solve though. People are dumb and mean and are incapable of communicating enough to chose roles effectively…

The ranking changes are fascinating, and I have to think on them quite a bit before I can voice an opinion.