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After the bread one, this is only the second price points video I’ve turned off before the end. We got six minutes in and had only be told one difference between the cheap and expensive wines, and the rest was taken up by someone showing off general wine stuff. I’m not interested in that.


That’s where I’m doubtful because more expensive wine (or alcohol in general) doesn’t mean it’s going to taste better. Older wine styles at most will just be more complex. What I’ve found that turns people off about judging or award-winning brands of alcohol is that greatness is going to be given more so on technicality if it fits criteria of a particular style. It’s a whole new level of subjectivity even more beyond other episodes of Price Points.

The thing that’s most dubious about any kind of judging is that as a consumer, you’ll never be in a truly blind environment where you’ll try a product without having some sort of suggestion. The label, the brand, the company, the year, and product description is going to give you some indicator.

Even in the video she covers Sparkling, Red, White, Rosé and Port. That’s as generic as you can treat wine without going into the hundreds of wine types. Then multiply that by the hundreds of wine brands that come from unique locations (something the woman in the video points out can affect the aroma/taste) with different vintages. Unless the wine world isn’t exciting enough with innovation compared to Beer or Spirits, then I don’t think you could get bored with wine unless you just lose the taste for it.


I thought I done seen some bullshit and then…



Almost sounds like a Schoolman.


New series from the Sonic Mania Adventures creator!


I’m still trying to figure out why Sonic the Hedgehog needs a car.

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Sane reason I need a necklace. Show of that I have a necklace and that I think it looks good.

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I love that David Hayter loves two things: Being Solid/Naked Snake, and saying incredibly dumb things in their voices.


Of course, someone has already made something with it -

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Ghost ride the whip at Mach 1.


The first YouTube Original I’m actually looking forward to seeing:


But how does PDP rank against Devin Nunes’ Cow?


New price points episode…right after I bought my mattress -_-

Edit: Just realized the last two mattresses were the ones I was shopping over the expert recommended the one I eventually bought. Vindication!


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