The PC Building Thread


Well someone is gonna be buying $2000 i9 chips even if just to flaunt. And so at that point take it as far as you can.

Im liking the inwin wood-trimmed case.


Jesus those i9’s are ridiculous. But aren’t the basically server chips in consumer packaging?


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There was a time in my life I would have thought this was the coolest thing ever. Nowadays I look at it the same way I look at the kids with spoilers and body kits and badly done homemade pinstriping on a 1992 Civic. Underneath, not matter how many NOS stickers it has, it’s still a 1992 Honda Civic you’ll use to drive to work. Underneath, no matter how many fans it has, its still a 7700k and a bunch of RAM that you’ll use to play Overwatch. I get it, in both cases that isn’t the point, the point is to be over the top and flashy and if that’s what you’re into knock yourself out. Its just it seems like a lot of flash and extra expense for a box to play video games and look at kitten videos.
[/quote]And that’s fair enough.

But I don’t quite see it the same way - I see it more like someone who has an immaculately done out car, with the absurd body kits, vibrant paint or wrap, the big-but-appropriately-styled wing, the fancy rims. I wouldn’t buy one, I wouldn’t do it myself, but I can appreciate it for what it is, a big, ostentatious display of the owner’s hobby. And hey, some people do up their 1992 civics like a show pony without doing much to the engine, because they’re not about speed, they’re about a car that looks good to them. Not every horse has to be a racehorse, as it were.

I can see some niche uses for it outside of that, but honestly, how often are any of us going to see those?



That new Mad Max movie looks sick.


Why build?


Because desktop builds are cheaper per unit performance and are upgradable.


I can see the argument for a desktop-replacement class laptop like that in corporate environments where you need that sort of power on the go and the laptop will be your primary machine. However, I can’t see it for personal use unless you’re a hardcore LAN partier with money to burn and are going to get that to just be your LAN party machine.


Excessive consumption driven self-worth that will deprecate economic and social value incredibly fast. Little room for creativity despite the size. A fucking McMansion.

New & Improved Box! Now Bigger!


What made you said that? I am curious


I think I made it pretty clear in my post; Flash and expense for something you’ll use for games and internet and watching cat videos is not my jam.



What is your jam then?


That’s a nice setup you got there!


What is this a Giant Desktop dressed as a Truck! :joy:


Thank you!

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What is this a Giant Desktop dressed as a Truck! :joy:
[/quote]That is a dekotora truck. I posted it as an example of, as churba put it, “a big, ostentatious display of the owner’s hobby”.


Oh nice. It really depends upon the hobby. PC making is also an hobby. Tweaking out and getting the best out of your machine is my passion too. I am going to do a OC soon my i7 system.


Right now a plain box under my desk that I never look at unless there’s a problem or I’m upgrading. I would like to make a mATX PC that has a military theme to it; olive drab with some big toggle switches and a power button labeled “LAUNCH.” No LED lights, no giant fans, no acrylic windows no bling.


But giant fans are the best, they push the most air and spin slowly causing the least amount of noise. I only need 3 16cm fans at the bottom of my case to really cool everything in it, other than the stop-start fans on the video card. The extra fans that are in there just assist with the overclock, even then you can’t tell it’s on unless you look for the power LED.


Yeah but overclocking is not necessary or even desirable.