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You might not want to trust Apple


So many lololols today.


It works over vnc apparently.


Friend of mine volunteered to test real quick, and it certainly seems to.

Also, I might be wrong, but isn’t this the third major security flaw discovered in High Sierra since October?


We just got an alert about this at work, I was wondering what was going on…


I’m fussing with this at work, and while it says it unlocked, I’m thinking it’s a UI glitch rather than actual root access.


People with more experience reading call stacks than me (and who have a mac) have already proved, no it’s actual root access.

They even managed to use the same exploit to change the root password to hunter2


OK, I got it work like described. Hilarious.


My secondary monitor started randomly going into strange green hue mode for random intervals of time ranging from blink and you miss it to so long you miss it when it’s gone (But you don’t actually miss it) the day after Cyber Monday.

So I went from “I don’t need no deals on no computer parts this year” to “I wonder what deal I can score on a decent monitor”

Most likely I’m going to replace with a similar capacity unit, so 1080 60hz 24", because it’s not my 4k primary and even without deals that can be had for cheap all day. But now it’s got me looking for deals on “slightly better than I had” and maybe go with a second 27" display (albeit 2k) or go with one of these fancy 144hz panels for certain gaming where I want frames over resolution. It’s all quite tempting.

But, still, I wish I’d known over the weekend it was going bad.


Are you sure it’s not just a bad cable?


I’ve swapped cables and that wasn’t it.

It’s an HP monitor that’s a few years old now and its twin, back when I had them in matched dual, already been checked out from the same type of problem. There might be a way to fix it but I don’t have the time or skill to do anything involved when I have so much else to do.


As someone who has to use one of those HP laptops for work, and had to remove that sound driver…

And then had it somehow reinstall itself and have my IT person come over and make sure it was done properly
(100 eyerolls, of course I wasn’t believed when I said I went through these steps previously)
I feel this deeply.


Has anyone ever seen a commercial prebuilt desktop PC that took laptop RAM? I used CPUZ to see what kind of RAM my dad’s PC had, picked the inexpensive DDR3 with the right speed, and when he went to put it in he couldn’t figure out where it went. He sent me a pic of his motherboard and lo and behold it’s got sockets for laptop form factor RAM. I have never seen this before in my life for a home use desktop.


It’s become semi common on budget desktops and small form factor stuff. Hell, a lot of cheap desktops now use laptop power supplies.


I have seen desktop PCs with laptop RAM. It’s called the Mac mini. It’s not really any different than desktop RAM except for the form factor. If the PC is prebuilt, has a custom motherboard, and you want to save space, laptop RAM is a good idea.


That’s why I was so surprised it’s a small case but not so thin that standard memory sticks wouldn’t fit vertically. The mother board is kinda small for the case even. In any case dad returned the stick to Newegg and bought the right one for the same price so all is good.



Tonight after I get home and get my shit together.



This computer is terrific. So fast, so smooth, so clean.