The PC Building Thread


I am basking in the decadence that is 2 monitors that are exactly the same. Love my new monitors.


Military theme would look kickass though. I’d want one for me too!


So this is the build I’m currently thinking about

Plan is to build it similarly to this case, which I’m going to cad up in the next couple weeks.

I’m thinking of doing a black gloss laser cut top, with a small non-centered birch inlay of my family crest, and then birch sides with legs. I’ll probably hook up some strip LEDs facing down to change color based on temperature.


Looks slick.



Anyone dabble in machine learning?


I was trying to pick parts for a build for a friend and yeah… the GPU prices have risen since my last build. Same for memory. Kinda feels like a bad time to be buying despite the fact that there’s at least some competition with processors.


Until the ethereum folks do whatever the fuck it is that makes mining less profitable RAM and GPUs are gonna be overpriced. They said it will be sometime next year so six to eighteen months. On the plus side the miners will sell off their cards after that so eBay will be awash in cheap powerful cards.


My Dell 27" Ultrasharp from like 2007-2009 is either dying or dead. It goes to black even though it’s on. I’ve unplugged it and plugged back it, updated all drivers, changed cables, and I see the screen for a second then to black.

The only thing I haven’t done is tried it on another computer, which I’m too lazy to do.

So with that, what monitors do y’all recommend?

I pretty much want the same thing:

  • USB ports
  • Portrait & Landscape positions
  • able to change the level of the monitor.

Having one monitor is lame. privilege


Dell still makes Ultrasharps. LG also seems to have good monitors. Don’t know if you care about color accuracy or not. You can save a bunch of money if you don’t, but you’ll also not be seeing the world properly.


So when I’ve had that kind of issue and googled it there was this helpful nerdy guy who had a video of exactly my monitor and exactly how to replace the capacitors on the power supply board inside of it and he sold the capacitors for $12 as a kit. This kept both of my monitors running an extra 3 years now, so consider it if you either enjoy that kinda thing or want to save a buck (or in my case both).


At work, I had a bunch of Dell Monitors from the same era that have died so that sound about right in terms of life span.

HP makes Eliteview monitors have the bells and whistles you’re looking for if you don’t want to buy another Dell Monitor.


LG also makes panels for a bunch of different monitors out there. I believe they also make the panels for the Ultrasharps. It’s the panels, more than the bezels and other such “chrome” that count. If you find a monitor with a good LG panel, no matter the manufacturer, you should be all set.


Previously I would tell people not to buy a Lenovo. They can no longer be trusted.

Now it seems that HP also can not be trusted.

At this point I think I must recommend that absolutely nobody purchase or trust any pre-built PC or laptop, unless it’s a Mac. Unless you build it yourself, you can’t trust it. Perhaps you can trust from smaller niche companies that build for gamers and such, but even then…

Even a clean install of legit Windows is slowly going towards a point of untrustworthy. Look at all the ads you have to disable and privacy settings you have to change.


Microsoft Surface is the only Windows laptop I’d trust. It’s not like you can (reasonably) build a laptop like you can a PC.


I distinctly remember an exchange, either here or the old boards, about the sliding scale between linux and a walled garden. It seems somewhat relevant.


Mitigating this somewhat is what Windows 10 has, buried somewhere in its settings, a way to basically reset the Windows installation to just bare-bones Windows without any pre-bundled crapware. So long as the crapware isn’t in the BIOS or anything, this should help out in most cases, especially if you need a laptop and are on too tight a budget to get a Mac or a niche system.

That said, there are a few niche manufacturers who probably don’t put crapware on their systems and whose systems aren’t made for gamers or anything. E.g.

However, I agree that the principal of all the crapware, spyware, etc., is troubling.


HP also shipped sound drivers with a built in key logger not too long ago. A clean install has pretty much been the only way to go for most PCs.

I just wish Microsoft would sell a version of Windows 10 without all the crap. I didn’t mind it too much when it came out but it’s steadily getting worse.


Does it really matter when Windows 10 is spyware?


I mean, you gotta trust someone.


Like I said in another thread if the NSA or The Russians or Microsoft or anyone else wants to see my filthy porn and decades old pirated weeb crap I basically can’t stop them. Unless I become a Linux Santa and roll my own everything and even then there are ways I’m sure.