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Naoza, you may be an exception rather than the rule. Razer Deathadder has common reviews of the same issue.

Their QC methods probably don’t include a click rating, ie. how many clicks before failure (under normal clicking pressure).

You would assume as a prominent gaming device manufacturer they would have both good design and good QC.

They do, to an extent. However it would seem that they’re cutting costs on components etc.

Maybe their tournament line of products are more reliable, I wouldn’t know.


I thought I saw click rating on their specs sheet…

I did or something like it take a look


“10 million-click life cycle”

That’s a good number. Yet, you can compare this with the bad reviews as proof of poor QC.


Tracks with my experience. I’m using a Razer Abyssus, and the scroll wheel has lasted for at least five or six years now, zero issues. It is cheaper than the deathadder(about $30 compared to the $85-90 price for the deathadder here), but far from the bargain bin mouse kinda range.


Gaming. I used one of the original Razer Naga’s and it lasted a long while, but when I had to replace it the next one and the one after that both didn’t last very long and both had an issue where a left-click was registering a double-click on me. I think they intentionally lowered average build quality over the years. I’m also fairly into some pretty precise gaming so even little irritations bug me more than most people. I adopted one of those n-key rollover keyboards early on because I’d actually hit too many keys simultaneously playing WoW (and I used foot pedals and that MMO mouse) and it would lock up. I actively notice how my 60 ping from my current ISP hurts compared to my 20 ping with my prior ISP.


I’ve been a longtime fan of Logitech. They’re big enough and well versed in all sorts of peripherals, to markets less wowed by gizmos and RGB, to mean that their QC is more likely to have actual industry standards. With zero research, I’ve always just viewed Razer as gamer stuff that traded on soul and filling a niche, before it went mainstream and likely in the process sold out whatever soul it had, while the niche has long since been blown wide open. Logitech never had a soul to sell, but nevertheless brought expertise to a willing niche. I’d rather go that way when it comes to a mouse.

And being Frank I’m not into the loud Razer logo so it’s not helping.

Keyboards, well, I’m more willing to go boutique brand with them as long as the switches are good. Incidentally I’m not a huge fan of Logitech mechanical switches.


I wouldn’t be crazy surprised if that amazon review points to a real-ish problem. Razer might do really good QC and produce a really good product when they’re initially manufacturing it, but then cut corners in various ways like sending out refurbs for all replacements or similar as things age out. It wouldn’t even be that unusual in the industry.


I had two Razer Naga Epics, while the mice themselves were really solid, the cords they were connected to wore out really easily. Which for a mouse as expensive as they are is really unfortunate.


Anything with a cord in 2019 needs a replaceable cord. My keyboard just has a micro USB connector on the bottom. I don’t know why more mice don’t do this. Even if it’s wireless, just slap a USB-C connector on there.

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Before the left click died I did have one issue with my Razer. Every so often (days-weeks), when I turned my computer on it just wouldn’t do anything. Lights were on, but no one was home. Only fix was unplugging and plugging back in.


I ended up with a Logitech G403, it was cheaper than the DeathAdder. I don’t quite understand the variable weight thing, but whatever.


Saved you a click: A 1660 Ti is slightly faster than a 1070. I have a 1070 right now. It is strong enough to push two 4k monitors. I expect it to last me quite a few more years.


Overwatch in completely maxed out 4k, while streaming at 1080p, uses about 80% of my 1080’s capacity. So I’m set for a good while yet.


I spent $80 on two fans that should show up tomorrow. That’s my biggest waste of money on PC stuff in a while.

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The computer of the future.

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Seems like you only got burned if you used their automatic software update tool. Seems like yet again my folk wisdom turns out to be real wisdom. Don’t install that extra crap you don’t need.

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Also just reinstall windows if you buy a new PC or laptop. Get rid of that bloat/malware