The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


Everything is on the previously mentioned link about trust levels


I see nothing there about maximum number of replies allowed per 24 hours.


I’m more interested to find out what happens when we inevitably get some giant threads. Knowing that Discourse doesn’t page separate, does it make you load the entire thread, or will it just make you load from near the unread posts?


Should we broaden the Movies topic to be Video or Video Media or something? Or give TV its own topic? I remade the TV thread and put it in General.


It seems to load about 20 posts at a time, with more being loaded as you scroll up. I am on mobile right now, so it might be different when on a desktop/laptop.


The forum works great on mobile so far, which is not surprising in this day and age but not expected, either. But the extra text on the thread list is killer, is there a way to view titles only? (Funny how half the comments in here boil down to “Discourse needs user-level configuration.” Must not have been a priority for the devs.)


Loads only a certain number on desktop too, your last activity in the post is recorded and seems to load a few before and a few after, then dynamically loads as you scroll past the threshold of buffered posts.


Just found this one out while on mobile. If you touch the post count on a thread, a pop up will show up with the option to jump to the first or last post.


If you do the same thing on desktop you jump up 10 posts. Also, you can jump around the entire thread if you click on the timeline (the space above the post count to the right of the thin blue line).


I have no idea how to quote a post on mobile other than copy, paste, add bbcode.


All you have to do is highlight the text you want to quote and the option to do that appears, same as if you’re on desktop.


You sir, are my hero today.


I do weirdly miss the “Who’s online” box from Vanilla.


Make a Who’s Online thread.


Who’s on first, not line.


Third base!

Also, can we get rid of this 20 character minimum?


We can, but that is actually one of the few discourse philosophy things that I somewhat agree with. If your post is so short, why are you posting it? If you just have to say something like “yes”, just use the like button.

To convince me to change the setting, show me your examples of meaningful posts under 20 characters.


You suck…


You’re not helping your case.


I mean a short but negative comment which can’t be conveyed with a heart.