The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


Yeah them hijacking CTRL+F is kinda weird. But I don’t often search that way on the forum.

So I finally looked at the desktop view and I still sort of have an issue with the way that it highlights new content for a thread in a similar way to Vanilla where it tries to bold the title, but it’s not a strong bold. So it’s kinda hard to see. Sometimes it will show you the blue circle but I haven’t really figured out when that happens.

EDIT: Oh it seems to wait until you “follow” something which happens automatically when you reply to something… that’s kinda an interesting idea.


I also don’t like the ctrl+f hijacking. I haven’t found a way to disable that yet, if any.

I did change the links on to come here instead of the old forum. Redesigning that site is my next move.


I understand the CMD-F highjacking though. The page dynamically loads, so individual posts in the thread you are looking at may or may not be loaded when you want to search. To get the same functionality you’d have to scroll through the entire thread, top to bottom, just to make sure everything is loaded, and THEN try to search the normal way.


Yeah that’s definitely true, I also like not having to deal with pages.

One thing I can’t really figure out is if there is any automated quoting anymore. I’ve seen it in some comments but I can’t really figure it out for myself.

EDIT: Derp… figured it out by accident. It recognizes when you highlight text. That might be a bit tougher on mobile.


Yeah the non showing of images from links fine Tweets or Instagram is kinda poop.


Instagram works, but Twitter doesn’t seem to.


Apparently it will work if we allow people to login with Twitter (not happening). Who would have thought that someone might want to embed a tweet in a forum without also logging into that forum using Twitter auth? Because those two things have so much to do with each other.


[quote=“MATATAT, post:61, topic:39”]
EDIT: Oh it seems to wait until you “follow” something which happens automatically when you reply to something… that’s kinda an interesting idea.
[/quote]You can also manually set, at the bottom of each thread.


Loving the image upload. Not loving the image quantity restrictions. Guess I have to read up on how/when that changes according to trust levels?


If you use the forum reasonable for even a couple weeks, I believe you hit trust level one basically automatically.


I’d like a way to disable some of these keyboard shortcuts. I need Control-k for kill-line; I don’t need it for Insert Hyperlink.

Having one big scrolling page is so far superior to the old paged system. It sucked being the last post before a page turn.


I agree with you to a point, however you are giving up some degree of control. I’m of two minds as to whether or not it’s better.


CTRL+F works normally for me. Using FF developer edition.


We have SSL now. I didn’t do anything differently from the last time I tried. I simply tried again, and it decided to work this time.


Forum just need a little time to cool and congeal.


With all of us at once, who could blame it? We’re just too hot to handle.



Out of curiosity, can the admins of the forum see how many people have changed the “tracking” settings on a thread? I was just wondering if they could see if a particular threat was popular or not.


There are analytics. I do t know what kind, because I don’t look at them much. I see no reason not to share the data if anyone wants it. Ask again after MAGFest.


There is a thread reply limit? I would like to see detailed breakdowns of the limits on user accounts.