The Impeachment of Donald Trump

Gonna need some citations on that “achievable” claim Tex.

I don’t understand, current bar is really low. You say it’s low. I say it’s low, and yet I’m somehow an ideologue?

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Minor correction, I’d amend that to stop bootlicking.

I apologize, the last line of my post was over the line, and like Cremlian wrote, you just came off as whining that no one is taking your criticisms seriously.

That being said, this whole discussion started because you accused Nancy Pelosi of doing the “bare minimum” in the impeachment inquiry.

She’s doing a great job so far and you criticize her for not doing more. If she was doing a terrible job, you’d be criticizing her for that. The woman can’t win with you. No matter what she does, you criticize her.

What else would you like her to do?

I’m genuinely, honestly, asking?

What does that have to do with the context of this thread? This is about the Impeachment of Donald Trump.

How will budgetary concession change anything involving this impeachment inquiry?

You asked what else I would have liked to see her do! I agree she’s handling the impeachment side of the house as well as she could do, and she’s doing a good job at least on that front. But I don’t think she’s a strong Speaker as say, Newt Gringrich was

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If you haven’t accomplished anything, then you’re not doing a great job. Yeah, I got all Fs, but everyone said it was just using the best strategy.

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I think that’s a little too harsh given that we’re on day two of the investigation.

I’m not just talking about this investigation. I’m talking about ever.


Ok, but why? Not to harp on this, but you’re once again making a statement without giving me an explanation as to why you think that or what you’d like her to be doing differently.

Newt Gingrich broke our political system with his hyper-partisanship and desire to destroy government. I hate to sound cliche about this, but it’s always easier to destroy something. It’s much much harder to put something that’s broken back together, or at least hold something together that wants to crumble to nothing.

Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi have diametrically opposed goals and philosophies when it comes to government. It seems unfair to me that you’re comparing Nancy Pelosi to a guy who just wants to blow the whole thing up.


Correct. But he succeeded. He won. His ends were evil, but he made actual progress towards achieving those ends. That is strength.

Even with very very good ends, you can’t claim strength or genius if you don’t have wins.


You are correct. I do that all the time. They’ll start bootlicking the dems is what I was aiming at.

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It’s really hard to have a conversation on this thread with Andy and others when Rubin keeps lobbing his “Be Evil because it works” theory of politics.


He makes the most sense here to me.

Though it is worth noting that being a good politician = wins, deals with the pretty squishy idea of what is a win?

The last major piece of legislation passed in the states was the ACA. That’s undoubtedly a win.

What else is a win?

Is newt’s breaking of the legislative process a win?

trumps few day travel ban?

The 2018 budget?

the turtle blocking everything that comes through the senate?

What constitutes a win? I need a win-o-meter I can point at arbitrary things and tell if they’re wins or not.

Back from some meetings, and now I shall see what’s doing in the foru-


Personally I think that has to go to DoubleGomez for “dems are not leftists and don’t want to achieve leftist goals” (more-or-less).

Anyone who knows the barest minimum about leftism knows damn well that dems ain’t it, and stating it is just being captian obvious.

Anyone else doesn’t know what a leftist is and is likely confused by that statement.

They are the American coalition of “we should have a government.”

There is only one other coalition, the Republicans, which are “we shouldn’t have a government except to enforce bigotry and oppression.”

There are two power-seeking coalitions. You pick one and work within its framework. Nothing else is feasible, and nothing else matters.


Nothing you said refutes dems not being leftists.

I’d hold my nose and vote for biden if it came to it. Believe me I know why I vote democrat. The fact that they’re the only reasonable choice in our fucked up system doesn’t make them magically more leftist.

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