The Impeachment of Donald Trump

I consider myself literate, and I still have no fucking idea what to take from the Mueller report.

“Trump did crimes, but not exactly the crimes everyone is hollering about. Crimes related to the crimes. But it’s not my job to call them crimes, so I’ll lay it all out and hope Congress uses this as basis to establish determination of crime. Oh and the Russia shit happened, but it was gonna happen whether he asked for it or not.”


This is a good recap of the events from the PoV of an actual lawyer.

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Oh boy. Good luck, unnamed congressman.

“Acting in concert with an unnamed Ukrainian official, Parnas and Fruman allegedly committed to raise $20,000 for a congressman not named in the indictment, as Parnas asked the representative for “assistance in causing the U.S. Government to remove or recall the then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.”

The indictment goes on to allege that Parnas did this at least partly “at the request of one or more Ukrainian government officials.”

Parnas made the request in May 2018, the same month Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo advocating for Yovanovitch’s removal. Sessions accused Yovanovitch of making anti-Trump comments while posted to the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.”

Lots of dots being connected, lots more dots still to be connected.

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They are all going to die because we were incapable of removing a dangerous idiot from the presidency.

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*trigger warning * Don’t click tweet link, graphic video.

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So Republicans are now appealing to tradition and historical precedents? Ho ho ho.

Having an official “Impeachment Inquiry” also allows the Republicans to issue their own subpoenas and turn the inquiry into a mockery and derail it.

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Read the whole thread.

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No. Why would it? It is the height of arrogance to think that if the country were a little less “illiterate” that everyone would agree with your politics.

Also the literacy point wasn’t that literacy is a signal of a deeper social issue or something that policy should help with, which negatively affects the poorest and most oppressed, disproportionately people of color, which is why the wealthy and the mildly well off should be taxed at incredibly higher rates and have their weird, anachronistic, parochial, segregated local education system dismantled and replace with a national one.

The point made here in the forum by well off and ignorant mostly white professionals is them saying the quiet part loud. Literacy as a political explanation is an old dogwhistle to justify restricting the franchise and the limiting who gets to participate in the social order. White people especially don’t get to just reclaim words that still fly out of racists like Charles Murray’s mouth and expect to not be told they are wrong. Like maybe in like a 100 to 200 more years we can check in and see if well off professional white people talking about how the illiterate are ruining the country does not immediate set off all the alarm bells amongst POC and the oppressed in the room. Like discussions of literacy weren’t just confined to literacy tests in the jim crow south. American liberalism, especially Northern liberals, continued to pathologize poc and the poor ala things like the Moynihan Report and make things like literacy a victim blaming trope to justify their most monstrous policies about welfare reform and the carceral state. Hell even Obama would pathologize poor black people this way. To pretend like the way things are is simply the fault of the “illiterate” and not the “literate” that look like the educated mostly white professionals in this forum will never not look like excuse making.

And no, saying that your definition of literacy is a cross race and cross class problem and therefore is fine is a rhetorical trick to excuse your actions and nothing more.

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How about this: Fuck you, you know what we are talking about here, so don’t shove words in people’s mouths. We are talking about how if people were not kept illiterate purposely things would be improved in general, in all aspects of life, including politically, for everyone. No one is blaming POC for being illiterate. You’re just a shit stirring moron and I encourage you to leave the forum.

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That’s not really what DoubleGomez is saying though. Even if you don’t blame whatever groups for being “illiterate”, the implication that they are less able to make correct political decisions is troubling. It’s step one to pretty much any justification of colonization.

Given the forum’s clear opinion on things like voter ID laws, I can’t really imagine anyone here actually arguing to directly impede people’s right to vote. But if you say that certain groups of people make worse political decisions because they’re “illiterate”, then it seems to follow that those who are “literate” make better political decisions, and everyone would have better outcomes if we listen to the “literate”. Maybe it means that politicians should listen more to the concerns of the “literate”, maybe it means the “literate” should be given more attention in public discourse. Agency should be taken away from the “illiterate” and given to the “literate” who can make better use of it. This is dangerous rhetoric.

As to your earlier comment “‘It’s racist to say illiteracy is a problem across the board.’ has to be the hottest take I’ve seen in a longass time.” Do you believe “illiteracy” is proportionately spread among racial groups? Or do certain racial groups have proportionately more “illiterate” people than others?


All I read is people wanting more people to be more literate. Pointing out that standards aren’t high enough isn’t the same as wanting lots of people to be kept low.


I think that’s a really unfair interpretation of “intelligent voters make more informed votes”

@lukeburrage ditto

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Literacy isn’t just being able to read words on a page. It is also being able to interpret them, think about them critically, make inferences, etc. I said as much earlier. Basic words-on-the-page literacy is an issue across the board but I will grant that it moreso affects POC and the poor. However, even among the wealthier “better” educated whites, the latter part of literacy is woefully lacking across the board. People have basic reading skills but do not read for entertainment or personal erudition and so do not develop higher level vocabulary and critical thinking that comes with that. The fact that marginalized groups cannot due to intitutionalized racism and classism is a travesty that needs to be remedied. But speaking purely of politics they know what the deal is, they live it every day, they do not need a book to tell them that society and the government are shitting on them. The fact that most of the population who had the opportunity to do so but do not due to cultural devaluing of education is also a travesty and in part is what got us where we are now. It is not the only thing, there are tons of other cultural forces at work but encouraging literacy, both words on the page and reading as a positive worthwhile passtime can only have positive effects from current baseline.

My point is -better informed- voters make better informed votes. Impediments to both basic and functional literacy makes people less informed.

Well this is news…

“The author could have received a seven-figure advance for writing this book,” Latimer said. “But ‘A WARNING’ was not written for financial reasons. The author sees this as an act of conscience and of duty, which is why the author refused any advance and is donating a substantial portion of any royalties to charities that protect those seeking the truth around the world.”

And for the record, FUCK the “Anonymous Author.” If they really see publishing this book as “an act of conscience and of duty,” testify before fucking Congress and tell the entire world that Trump is unfit to be President.

Do it openly and in public. Not by hiding behind an anonymous pseudonym and writing a book.

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Maybe they did some shit and don’t wanna get Michael Cohen’d