The History Thread (Lizi's Trivia Thread)

Repost for Confederate Heritage Month


@Neito introduced me to History Memes Shitposting on Facebook and this thread will never be the same.


This is a good shitpost.

Tank Girl needs an emu-based spin-off.

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I found this interesting news:

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I’m gonna post the full findings when they’re released on the 8th.

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Summary is that Pulaski was either intersex, or the real life equivalent of Oscar De Jarjes. His skeleton suggests biologically feminine development, but he was baptized as a boy and raised as one. This is super cool because, while intersex people are 1.7 percent of the population (and presumably have been for centuries), they have been largely erased from the historical record and thus it is nearly impossible to know who they were. There’s not a ton of intersex historical figures before the 20th century, so it’s great that this community has one.


I bike over Pulaski’s bridge very often.

Not as good as my pinned tweet but still good.


I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened Lee “Southern Strategy” Atwater’s Wikipedia page, but a “Musical Career” header wasn’t one of them. “Atwater recorded a 1990 album with B.B. King and others on Curb Records, titled Red Hot & Blue”

EDIT I don’t condone piracy, as established, but I need a copy of this album locally to prove it exists but will not give the Atwater estate money.


Ever wonder what would’ve happened to America if the French Revolution hadn’t happened? If the outstanding debt we owed to the French government hadn’t been annulled by a popular uprising? If the United States could have become anything more than a French puppet?

You probably don’t, but I have been all night.

I mean, yeah, but I really, really want to know now.

I think it would become a war between France and Spain. Although America gained considerable financial aid from Spain, they’d undoubtedly side with the French. With France effectively in control of both the USA and Louisiana, it would be difficult for Spain to keep it’s holdings in the Caribbean, and the Sun King would expand his domain considerably.

The big revelation I had thinking about this was that MDMA was invented 2 years before WWI.

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Well, the last one from the image is no longer true.

What kind of took me off-guard was that bit about Fascist Spain and Microsoft. At least for me and school teachings in austria, it always seemed like fascism as such (and distinct from other totalitarians) “died” with the end of World War II and Nazi-Germany, Italy and Japan alongside their occupied territories being liberated by the allied powers. I did know that Spain was “neutral” during WWII because it was occupied with a civil war (or rather, it had just come out of one), and I knew that Franco was a dictator of Spain at one point, but I never really realized that his regime held power until 1977. Fuck. And that is still relatively recent history, less than 50 years ago.

To add another one to the list: Napoleon Bonaparte died the same year that Dostoyevski was born.

There was a guy on television in 1956, around the time my parents were born, who had witnessed Lincoln’s assassination.

A lot of shit happens in one life.

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There are a surprising number of people who watched the foundation and fall of the Soviet Union and a surprising number of them are still alive.

Historical pet peeve: the notion that using the term “Common Era” instead of “After Christ” reduces the significance of Christianity without changing the 0 date. Doesn’t it heighten the significance to imply that anything after Christ is “common?”

What determines the breakoff point between B.C.E. and C.E. anyway? I’ve always been confused about that.