The History Thread (Lizi's Dank History Thread)

On this day in 1859, 160 years ago, John Brown began his famous raid on Harper’s Ferry. Although the attempt to abolish slavery failed, he was immortalized during the subsequent Civil War with this song. #HisSoulIsMarchingOn

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I can no longer hear John Brown’s body or talks about His truth.

I’ve listened to this so many times it’s all I hear now.

That version’s nice but it’s not insurrectionist enough for me.

I got infected with this one! :hear_no_evil:

I wear my pink pajamas, in the summer when it’s hot.
I wear my flannel nighties iIn the winter when it’s not.
And sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall,
I jump right in between the sheets with nothing on at all.
Glory, glory, Hallelujah;
Glory, glory, What’s it to you?
Balmy breezes blowing through ya,
With nothing on at all.

I had fun doing this:


All of these were delightful and really brightened up a commute where I was on the wrong train and knew I was gonna be at work like an hour late.


Happy Birthday August Willich, American Civil War general, general in the Prussian Revolution of 1848, and all around afront to the notion that the North wasn’t fighting for liberation.

I normally hate Epic Rap Battles of “History” but this one is actually genius.

Note how the beat and rhythm are so similar to the Cabinet Battles from Hamilton.

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I’m proud of this thread

That’s it. Debate’s over.


(Inspired by @Ikatono’s post in the Primary thread) was Stalin’s anti-Trotsky campaign fueled and successful because Trotsky was Jewish? Of course, Trotsky did come from the petty bourgeoisie, so there is a grain of truth to him not being a true proletarian like Stalin, but I wonder how much of that was fueled by anti-Semitism. WEB DuBois in his unpublished eulogy for Joseph Stalin wrote “The whole ill-bred and insulting attitude of Liberals in the U.S. today began with our naive acceptance of Trotsky’s magnificent lying propaganda, which he carried around the world. Against it, Stalin stood like a rock and moved neither right nor left, as he continued to advance toward a real socialism instead of the sham Trotsky offered,” which I can’t completely chalk up to racism against Jews, because I’ve never read anything else along those lines from him, but I’m starting to wonder if Trotsky’s Judaism played a role in it’s effectiveness within Russia.

Also changed the name of the thread for synergy purposes.


rando historical event I read about today.

My favorite paragraph in that wikipedia article:

It was ironic that both were famous as Shakespearean actors: in an America that had yet to establish its own theatrical traditions, the way to prove its cultural prowess was to do Shakespeare as well as the British, and even to claim that Shakespeare, had he been alive at the time, would have been, at heart at least, an American.

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I liked the aside in the article highlighting the reach and universality of Shakespeare in American society talking about 49ers performing plays from memory around campfires at night on their claims.

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Lol, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone want the 20s back. Usually it’s either the 50s or 80s people want back.