The Car Enthusiast Thread


The lease of our current car is up in the spring of next year. We are thinking of going electric! We mostly use the car for driving in and around Berlin, with regular trips out to where Juliane works and her parents live. Maybe once a month we need it for a trip to another city in Germany, and once a year for a longer summer trip.

The best option so far is the Renault Zoe. We already lease a Renault, so we can return our current car and get a new one all in the same deal.

Outside our current apartment is an electric car charging point, which is super handy! It costs a base price of €5 per charge, and a maximum of €12 for an overnight charge from 0% to 100%. Compared to our current car’s fuel cost per km, those prices means about a 50% savings.

However, Juliane’s parents are also thinking about getting an electric car, and when they had their house built 8 years ago, they already asked for a high power electric line to be installed across the garden to where they park their car. As Juliane visits at least once per week for a nearby job, we could charge there, probably for much cheaper than a public changing station, for less money overall. Also we’ve asked about a charging station put in the parking garage of our current building. But the way the building owners can’t work together, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening soon.

The downside is the lease of the car doesn’t include the lease of the battery, so that is an extra cost per month. Putting it all together, we don’t actually save all that much on per km cost compared to our current car, if comparing our current usage. However, Juliane expects to be driving much more next year with a new job, so it start paying off economically after a while.

But we’re not doing it for the economics. It’s fine for us to say we are concerned about the environment and pollution and all that, but unless we put our money where our mouths are, we’re really just bullshitting ourselves*. Our current car was the most eco-friendly we could do at the time, but now electric is just within our price and comfort range, so we’re going to do that instead.

Or that’s the plan!

*See also: not having kids.


Cool beans.

My current environmentalist strategy is use my car until it’s really and truly broken. At least 10 years, and I’m only 4 years in on that.


So I’m buying an LS V8 tomorrow.


It’s fucking sick.


So quick update on car projects.

-High pressure fuel line is run, needs to be plumbed.
-Need to wire in the new computer
-The 350 short block turned out to be mostly junk. The block was potentially usable, so i sold it on craigslist
-Found a 4.8L Gen IV LS small block for $350, with all the stuff still attached. Currently blowing that apart in my parents garage for a cheap rebuild. And by rebuild I mean mostly just clean the 10 years of carbon build up out of it and put it back together.


The best video I’ve ever seen one how a torque converter works. I’ve read about all these things, but the animations in this video finally solidified it in my brain.




The fender of off the car the antiquated 80’s computer is out. I’ve ripped apart the wires I need from most of the other wires I don’t. Now I just have to put the wires that are left together with the new wiring loom for the megasquirt in some none hideous fashion.


Wires are in the car, now they just need to be connected.

Things left:
-solder in knock control circuit to computer
-connect wires to engine
-run wire for fuel pump
-plumb fuel system
-burn outs for distance


Remember that Burnout fire video I’ve posted from time to time? Hoonigan just did a build breakdown of it.

I know they’re loud, dumb, and fucking stupid, but I just fucking love burnouts. They’re just big dumb fun.


Don’t forget the other one you sent us.

That’s really fucking cool. I love the builds here. Also the sage advice of “if your car isn’t making you that fucking excited, you’re doing something wrong.”


Because I thought I did but I must have not pasted it properly.

And yeah, I’m down with that idea. I mean, it’s 90% of why I drive and work on the van - I COULD drive something else, but every time I drive that thing, doesn’t matter if it’s long distance or just down the shops, it puts a big fucking grin on my face.


Chris and I fee the same way about our caprice. We’re currently in a mad push to get it back on the road by the end of the month. I’m even taking off work for the last week of the month. Come August 31st we’re driving to Ohio, about 400 miles one way. I need to find my wire crimping tool, I want to do a test run of the engine. Oh, and the fender has to come off again. >_<


Things left:
-solder in knock control circuit to computer
-connect wires to engine
-run wire for fuel pump
-plumb fuel system
-burn outs for distance


The car has been made to run! Now we need to cut the wiring harness all apart again and shorten it to the a length that’s actually appropriate and run a few wires and hoses through the fender again.


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! !


Awesome! Do some skids!


For the first time in over 2 years, our caprice went around the block under its own power.


Drove to work today. Still need to work on the accel enrichment, but the car ran pretty OK.