The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)

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The relevant rule is, of course, Rule 69 - Interference on the Goalkeeper.

My realistic expecation:

Florida/Tampa/Carolina conference semis in hockey is not what you want to see.

I am not exactly one to talk as a Flyers fan, but it must really hurt to be a fan of the Maple Leafs. Despite being hailed as the next super-team, with incredible talent on the roster, they have now lost in their first series for the last six years, including the qualifying round in the pandemic playoffs season. This includes 9 games where they would have advanced with a win, and they lost them all. 10 in a row if you count their game 7 loss to the Bruins in 2013.

It doesn’t matter who is wearing it. If it’s a Toronto sweater, they’re going to choke.

Oh, did my bracket have that series exactly right? Yes it did. So far I’ve got the winner of every series correct except for Minnesota. Of course that series I predict to go to 7, and it ends up being one of the few that does not.

The league finally managed to deliver a perfect round 1 schedule, and they got so many game sevens. Can’t ask for more, really.

Half of the remaining teams are from two states, Alberta and Florida. In this upcoming second round, the Alberta teams will face each other, and the Florida teams will face each other. Effectively, state championships.

If I’m not mistaken, there are only six states with more than one NHL team. So 14 out of the 32 teams share a state with another team.

California: 3
New York: 3
Ontario: 2
Alberta: 2
Florida: 2
Pennsylvania: 2

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