The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)

I plan to do brackets for the Stanley Cup. Maybe this should be a friendly competition.

Tampa Rangers number one.

For sure.

My three top guesses for the final

  1. Tampa vs Winnipeg
  2. Tampa vs Vegas
  3. Tampa vs Calgary

In terms of who wins the final… I say all three are tossups.

AV is now the coach of the Flyers. Oh boy.


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Tampa getting swept in the first round may be the single biggest upset in NHL history. Tampa was one of the best regular season teams ever. Complete domination. Columbus snuck into the playoffs at basically the last second, and has never won a playoff series in the history of their team’s existence.

Yeah, what an embarrassment for the Lightning. Similarly embarrassing is the Penguins getting swept by the Islanders.

Chaos Reigns howl

Whelp. I guess…


Yeah, that’s my best guess now.

I really don’t know why anybody watches or cares about Urinating Tree. An endless fountain of negativity with 0 insight. And it is pretty rich from a Penguins fan to make fun of the Lightning here, considering the Penguins also choked really badly in their series.

Don’t pick a fight with Ovi

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In order, the joys of Stanley Cup hockey

  1. Your team wins the Stanley Cup
  2. A top seed gets swept in the first round by anyone
  3. Your team advances another round in a sweep
  4. Your team advances another round
  5. A hated rival team is knocked out by anyone
  6. Own goal by anyone other than your team

Tampa has provided some peak hockey.

A bit old, but I stumbled upon this today:

Kaapo Kakko HYPE


These were delightful to go through <3

Oh, I guess my hometown is in the final? Sort of funny to see how much a team winning at sports unites STL briefly.

If the only football game you watch all year is the Super Bowl, you probably don’t see a great game.

If you watch game 7 of the cup final, you get an awesome one.

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