The American Collapse


There’s a bit more to consider. Militarized police. Way back when, while the guards/police definitely out gunned/sworded the masses, the masses effectively had the same tools at their disposal. Just less of them.

The modern era features all kinds of force multiplier and crowd control technology on the side that isn’t ours.

I do wonder if the masses are even capable of taking on the establishment. I’m not saying it can’t, just that it’s not been done before at this time period.



So the thread once again turns to partisan politics.


Yeah… like the Republicans have ever let hypocrisy stop them before.


We overthrow the corrupt democrats when that happens?
Or overthrow the “more corrupt wave to come”

It doesn’t end forever when one company breaks policy in decorium. By not fighting fire with fire, that’s how we allowed McConnell to put the kibosh on Merick Garland and us getting Gorsch. Fuck that.


You don’t seem to understand my point.

How do we fight this with fire? What is the fire you will use to stop this?


A big angry mob.


I mean, I have a few ideas…

Ya gotta not be afraid to think outside the box though. They’re trying to vote. First get a tie in the senate, so Pence has to break it. We cool, is that attainable?

Great. Now, walk up to where he’s sitting and take the gavel. Throw it across the room. Play keep away until it’s time to go home.

Think its juvenile? It’s been done before in South Korea.

I got another one. Call some senator from a hospital and pretend like his wife’s there and summon him away from the vote.

I can keep going all day but do you get the theme?

Stop it by any means. Don’t play by the rules.


That does what? That gets eventually broken up by the police?

How does a big angry mob literally prevent Trump from nominating someone and 50 senators from voting to confirm that person?

And what, continue to do that until November?

As badly as you and everyone else on here wants to stop this, Republicans want it to happen. For every dirty trick we could use, for every “fire” you can think of, they will counter with their own.

National Guard to surround the Capitol

Capitol police to forcibly escort anyone from disrupting the vote

A second gavel

The only ONLY WAY I can see to stopping this is if enough pressure is put on Corker, Flake, Hatch, McCain, and Collins to vote no.



If we’re losing the game by it’s normal rules, It’s time to change the game and play by different rules. We’re devolving to rule by playground. It’s something we’ve got a better shot at then the rules as written.

It’s like that panel about D&D being rules so everyone doesn’t argue about what happens to the story we’re collectively telling. Well nothing prevents the D&D game from devolving into an argument. That’s what I’m advocating for.

This isn’t limited to people in government either. Regular folk can participate too. Get enough people together and maybe get a republican senator’s cell phone’s number.

Use that and some exploits to convincingly deceive him from being in the building that day.


This isn’t a game though. We can’t stop playing to argue about rules and then pick up afterward.

What your basically advocating for is anarchy… or a civil war.

And if that’s the case, people should just come out and say that.


There are many countries in history that had literal dictators who were ousted by big enough angry mobs. We still have at least some amount of functioning democracy. An equally big angry mob would be even more effective for us than it was for them. You just have to be willing to sacrifice. Don’t go to work and go join the mob instead.


Our protests and anger and stripping of rights should motivate our constituents to fight harder for us, but some of them really are not.

And what do the Republicans do? At best they say “Well, you just didn’t try hard enough” and at worst then go “Get fucked losers, this is all about winning.”


Well, I’m double checking the status of my Portuguese dual citizenship application just in case…

Tomorrow looks to be 80 and sunny is Lisbon.


General strike with the exit condition being Merrick Garland is nominated and confirmed?


Partisan politics IS the American Collapse.


If you can pull off a real general strike you should be making a lot more demands.

Trump to the Hague. Complete undo of all things since Trump elected. New election immediately. No more electoral college. No more citizens united. Universal health care. Open borders. End wars on drugs and terrorism. Start war on white supremacy. Complete equality for all people regardless Of sexuality, race, etc. Etc. Ban Fox news.

Demand the world.


I suspect it’s a lot harder (impossible?) to pull off a real general strike if you lack a clear, actionable exit condition, or equally if your exit condition is so extreme as to sound completely unrealistic to most people.

  1. Abolish ICE
  2. Pack Supreme Court
  3. Statehood for PR and DC


One of these things does not feel like the others.

Also I’d put the firing/removal of donald trump, mike pence, mitch mcconnal, paul ryan, orrin hatch (senate pro se and like 4th in presidential line of succession).