The American Collapse


I think it’s totally reasonable to have some popular vote and run-off mechanics for house and senate. But a technically correct fight won’t move anything.


If the system is less able be manipulated by a extreme minority, it will force elected officials to govern from a reasonable middle. There should be not “safe” districts for congresspeople, regardless of the party.


Turns out white Americans hate non-white people more than they want basic human services.


The American collapse can’t come soon enough.


In other news, Dog bites man, Sky is blue.

In the US, White People are the greatest beneficiaries of Government Welfare.


I long for our collapse. Please come invade us, because I’m not totally sure it will end any other way.

Though Nuri is optimistic that with the coming demise of Medicare, most of the poor and elderly who keep stupidly voting R will just die, and then they’ll be out of the way.


The old people are being replaced with a brand new crop of angry white bigots.


Sad but true…

Lisbon, Portugal looks better and better every day.


Ah yes, but this time we’ll also lose many of the poors, and some of those angry white bigots are poor too. So it’s not just old people that are gonna die off!

Everything is terrible.


The angry white bigots are actually mostly not the poor kind, they are the white suburb kind who have plenty of moneys.


“We used to have all the money and land//We still do but it’s not as fun now.”


Tons of quite privileged first worlders eager for collapse. Put yourself into that nihilism! Get serious! Get some bath salts! Start eating your neighbors! Weaponize ebola! Start throwing cars off the parking garages. Go big or go home.


It feels like the only way that part of the population will realize how dumb they are is to have the whole thing collapse around us. As much I want to see our dear leader cut off the whole world to our trade and have him watch the rest of the world thrive as we starve, I don’t think they’d correctly assess the situation, they’d probably think this was god’s final judgement for the gays.


You are 100% right, but I legitimately don’t know if we will learn any other way.


A selfish person who is doing well is unlikely to learn any other way. If the status quo is treating them right, they will be averse to any change.

Only someone who is not doing well, and/or is not selfish and actually cares about other human beings will want change.


Most European colonial powers collapsed at some point and now they’re far better places to live.


The US only got some new deal action after the great depression.

But also, be careful with that. The Steve Bannons of the world also believe this same thing. They want everything to collapse so it can be rebuilt the way THEY want.


There was an argument that some of the New Deal action was also done to thwart the rise of communism in the US. The idea was that a “kinder, gentler capitalism” will make people happier and therefore prevent communism from taking root.

Historically, one could say that it indeed did result in the fact, but in the intervening decades since then, a lot of those “kinder, gentler capitalism” improvements have been rolled back.



Gerrymandering ruling is… No ruling. That it’s unanimous seems strange to me. Maybe they all agreed to present a unified front?