Thank you ConnectiCon 2017!

Thank you ConnectiCon 2017 for one hell of a convention! We had great crowds for all of our talks/shows! Even better, if you want more or missed a talk you really wanted to see, check out the video links below for other versions we've done at other cons!

Why Five Nights at Freddy's is Scary
Friday 7:45pm
Dragon Theater

Play (Dirty) to Win
Saturday 1:30pm
Kraken Theater

Flip the Table: Ragequitting Games
Saturday 2:45pm
Goliath Theater

Running Professional Panels
Saturday 6:30pm
Salamander Theater

COSplay Match Game
Sunday 11:30am
Main Events

Foreign Anime Openers
Sunday 1:30pm
Dragon Theater

We can't get Foreign Anime Openers up for copyright reasons, but you may be able to see that at another con in the future, so stay tuned! There might be video of the match game up later, so check back right here.

Also thanks to you guys for letting me to at 3 panels this year. Attendance was still pretty good but down a little from past years panels. My Beyond the WWE one has legs, just needs a little more work.

If we could get a WWE guest of the con, then that panel would fill the Dragon… :wink:

Weirdly, I might be able to pull a few strings. Living in the town of WWE headquarters has it’s perks. Also my old boss was CFO of WWE before he was at my last job. Stamford is smaller than it seems.

[quote=“SkeleRym, post:3, topic:849”]
If we could get a WWE guest of the con, then that panel would fill the Dragon…
[/quote]Dude, just offer Austin Creed AKA Xavier Woods a spot. Odds on, he’ll take it. Especially if Naoza can give a bit of a nudge. He went to Momocon last year, like, not even as a celebrity or invited guest, he just went because he enjoys it. He’s been to PAXes. He’d probably be thrilled that you’re asking if he wants to do something at CTcon in whatever capacity.