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I find Elon Musk to be a pretty fascinating entrepreneur. In his early days, he co-founded PayPal and has since moved on to try and redefine transportation and energy. He currently runs Tesla Motors, SolarCity (which he recently acquired), and SpaceX, and he has new projects on the horizon like the Hyperloop and solar roof. His company also announced a new Roadster coming soon to production.

This thread is for news and opinions on him and his future projects.

Just another asshole with too much money.


I guess, but wouldn’t you rather have the asshole with too much money be doing good things rather than living a life of idle decadence?

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Also with a weird persecution complex. Seems whatever goes wrong, it’s never his company or his product’s fault, it’s always the big bad meanies trying to get him. Remember when he publicly accused a customer of being part of an anti-tesla conspiracy, because said customer’s Tesla had a manufacturing issue with the suspension?

Also, did I hear wrong, or did he blame a Space X defect on UFOs or something?

No, unless he’s joked about it since. He said they couldn’t rule out something hitting the rocket, and some folk made hay about it.

What I think he really meant by that, well, they did do a pretty full-on investigation of the possibility of a sniper taking a shot at the rocket.

It turned out to be, as far as I’m aware, a simple engineering or manufacturing failure. A mechanical failure in the structure caused some sparks, ignited the fuel, and then - to use the technical nomenclature - Kablooey.

I’m eyeing the Solar Roof thing with keen interest. I love the idea of solar panels that blend into the existing aesthetic of your house, though I do have some concerns about effectiveness during the winter as I stare at accumulated snow on my roof.

With those tiles it’s much easier to include heating elements than with either normal tiles or normal solar panels. And due to them clearing themselves of both frost and snow, the extra solar power pays back any electricity spent on the heating.

I’m interested in both SpaceX and Tesla, and would like to chat about them on the forum.

However, naming this thread simply “Elon Musk” is exactly the kind of hero worship-type activity that seeps into conversations about Musk that both annoy me and seem to leave him confused too.

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OK, so I have an edit icon next to the thread title. I just changed it. Is that just for me, or does everyone see that?

I now see ‘Tesla Technologies’ as the thread title.

Cybertruck has interesting aerodynamics.

My new home isn’t far from the new Tesla factory location: