Tennis (only Luke cares)

Nico Rosberg style. I respect it so much because this is very much like what I would do. Even if I was world champion of something I enjoyed a lot, it would still be so much work. If I get enough money to escape capitalism of course I’m going to retire and enjoy life freely. Congrats to Ash at winning at life.

Carlos Alcaraz is the new hotness, and I’m a huge fan already. I watched most of his matches in Miami, including him winning the final match while I was waiting for my flight to Miami.

And then I was flying back home via Madrid, and we were on the same flight! I got a photo once we landed. It seemed nobody else recognized him except me. I don’t think he’ll be able to travel so easily soon, as this kid is going to be as big as Nadal in Spain soon.

Watch out for him winning the French Open in a few months.



I bet everyone is hoping for a match with Djokovic at the moment. There’s never been a riper chance for a win against the world number one.

Ash Barty retired, leaving Iga Swiatek as world number one. Becoming the top ranked player by default might bring a lot of expectations, but Swiatek is handling it in a true number one fashion.

Since Barty retired, she hasn’t lost a match! She’s won 27 matches in a row, and will probably win her 5th consecutive tournament today.

Of course, when it comes to records, matching a Serena Williams record might seem impressive, but then you’ve always got to check the stats of Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova. The longest winning streak is 74 matches, so Swiatek is only a third of the way there.

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