Tech that needs to die

I used the digital copies that came via Ultraviolet probably more than the physical discs I got them with. I’m guessing that Movies Anywhere ate their lunch.

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You know, I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded a digital copy of a movie I got on DVD. I haven’t bought (or owned) many DVDs in my life, but still. Anything that I wanted a digital copy of I either ripped from the DVD or (if the copy protection was onerous) found online*.

*“Online” including both torrents, friends, RIT’s DC++ network in the dorms, other non-legal digital means

Same here, mostly because I assumed those digital copies all had onerous copy protection.

I’m amazed they kept it floundering for that long.

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This feature only lasted a year. Is this a record?

Shouldn’t it be called, attempted murderer? cause it didn’t kill it.

It didn’t do anything. It was just Youtube with a dark background.

It did exactly three things.

  • Dark background.
  • Home page only shows gaming content for people who only care about gaming…
  • They created URLs like so people could always go to the same URL to find a particular person streaming.