Tech that needs to die

I used the digital copies that came via Ultraviolet probably more than the physical discs I got them with. I’m guessing that Movies Anywhere ate their lunch.

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You know, I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded a digital copy of a movie I got on DVD. I haven’t bought (or owned) many DVDs in my life, but still. Anything that I wanted a digital copy of I either ripped from the DVD or (if the copy protection was onerous) found online*.

*“Online” including both torrents, friends, RIT’s DC++ network in the dorms, other non-legal digital means

Same here, mostly because I assumed those digital copies all had onerous copy protection.

I’m amazed they kept it floundering for that long.

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This feature only lasted a year. Is this a record?

Shouldn’t it be called, attempted murderer? cause it didn’t kill it.

It didn’t do anything. It was just Youtube with a dark background.

It did exactly three things.

  • Dark background.
  • Home page only shows gaming content for people who only care about gaming…
  • They created URLs like so people could always go to the same URL to find a particular person streaming.
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I would bet good money that there will be a business oriented implementation of Discord in the next 18 months.

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They could call it Slack!


I use it at work; it’s called teams. It’s…fine

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When clients send me a teams link. I click it and maybe 30 seconds of faff later. I’m in a call or chat or whatever, it’s great.

When clients send me a skype link, I resign myself to never speaking to them, because not once has that ever worked.

I have always (jokingly) assumed Slack is fake because literally no one I know uses it. Seriously even my tech friends use Discord at their company and all my legal field friends use Skype at their firms.

yea, Teams isn’t bad, but it’s not as clear cut as Skype for Business was. Will be fun to get people to use it.

It seems to be very popular in Newsrooms, I know a lot of journos who are in one or more Slack groups for work.

I use Slack for Convention communication at con.

At work, we use Skype for all our IM conversations. The US Government as a whole uses Skype. We can even talk about confidential matters over Skype that we would have to encrypt in our emails otherwise.

Outside of work, I use Slack for convention communication at cons like @cremlian